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To genuine professional. With the industry, we bring up human resources becoming true adaptable fighting potential.

It is 99.4% of rate of employment by utmost support to each one

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To professional of Run toward your future as a professional! genuine article.

It is rate of employment 99,4% by each person's utmost support

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  • Educational foundation travel journal school Osaka theme park dance technical school
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Subject introduction

5 department of trust and the results to lead to professional of sightseeing, the service industry

Travel Course

We lead to professional of trip with big pipe with the trip industry

The history of Travel Course is the history of hosupi. In response to request of the sightseeing industry, it produced many "professionals of trip" after the opening of a school.
Network which graduates built all the more is huge. Big pipe with the industry leads to the number of the overwhelming job offers.

We see the details

Airline Course

We change admiration to airline to work.

We want to become cabin attendant! We want to become the grand staff! We carry out instruction to raise adaptable fighting potential thoroughly to grant the dream.
Furthermore, we perform vocational counseling that matched individuality of each student and realize employment to aviation industry.

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Airport Course

We aim at professional of possibility-related airport spreading out

Achieve 100% of percentage of graduates who found work (the 2016 results); Airport Course that trust and the results are warm in aviation industry. The course spreads through the international distribution industry.
The future filled with possibility spreads through point of learning of Airport Course.

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Railway Service Course

From "railroad enthusiast" to "professional of railway service"

We do not leave to "professional of railway service" only by there being technical knowledge of railroad. Human resources who it understands feeling of visitor that the industry demands, and can do correspondence, action for adaptation to circumstances now.
You polish communicative competence, and do you not aim at professional of true "railway service?"

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Communication department

Into native language second in English. We flap as citizen of the world to the world!

To be human resources full of power of expression, adaptability using tool called English, we make route that we can walk while having confidence and pride as Japanese. Sightseeing, the service industry of the country and all the countries of the world is stage of future achievement.

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Bridal Course

There is confidence so as to learn; approach professional surely.

Because it is class that is live that knowledge and practice that interlaced lecture and experience, experience are tied to, both consciousness and motivation increase happily so as to learn.

Osaka Bridal College

Hotel subject

Let's play an active part in first-rate hotels, inns of the world!

Work of "the highest peak of waiting on customers service" and said hotel.
We understand feeling of partner and, let alone waiting on customers manner and technical knowledge appropriate for "the highest peak", can act.
We develop true hospitality mind and lead to the hotel staff who can play an active part all over the world.

Osaka hotel technical school

Theme park subject

To professional of theme park which is full of power of expression

We like theme park and want to work in theme park…Have you not thought so?
Subject to grant the dream alone in West Japan is in hosupi. Let's learn while enjoying method to put guest to visit under magic of smile.

Osaka theme park dance technical school

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