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The future begins at moment when we murmured, "we want to become".

Let's become "genuine article".

Teacher who always faces each other seriously. Friend who can encourage each other at any time. Class to be connected to the industry and company. Study abroad that the world becomes imminent remarkably. Both people and facility are learning in "genuine article" here. If dream and admiration grant, they glisten. Let's aim at professional in thoraJAL.

[by important April, 2020 entrance to school toward the consideration]

Night school Railway Service Course became offer stop.

There is confidence for graduate! Seniors who granted the results dream with high 100% of rate of employment

ThoraJAL which sends graduate of 45,000 to sightseeing, the service industry. Ability with high them is evaluated and is connected to the high rate of employment.

Airline Course

In studying abroad system charm
Feel; and to thoraJAL.
500 points of TOEIC® score or more
Dream of CA longed-for by up
It was able to come true!

Rika Yukawa

Full-time department Airline Course studying in the United States system
We are from Yashima school High School

Japan Airlines
(cabin attendant)

Travel Course

As for the class as for the event…
Two years in thoraJAL
Oneself is really fulfilling in history!
We direct wonderful trip
To professional!

Natsumi Maeda

Full-time department Travel Course
We are from shade field High School (Wakayama)

Hankyu Express International
(counter adviser)

Railway Service Course

If every day are really fun
Friend and encounter to think of to be
We greatly grow up in two years!
Of admiration from the small time
It is arranged informally by company!

Koki Nakamura

Full-time department Railway Service Course
We are from Izumi High School (Osaka)

Hankyu Corporation
(station employee)

Question Q&A of all

Is it ... which is used to CA even if English has no confidence?

Level is different and responds to English class well.
As cabin attendant specialty is program including studying abroad in Cebu short term,
We can expect up of English ability necessary for aviation industry.

Single life is uneasy; ...

A lot of thoraJAL students live
There is student apartment (with morning, dinner) of school introduction, too.
We get friend beyond subject!

Can even boy become the grand staff?

Do not have any problem!
Graduate plays an active part, too!

Are there school regulations? May hair be able to be dyed?

For technical school life of sightseeing, the service industry
It is principle that keeps good figure and clothes in mind.
Therefore we prohibit dyeing or decoloration.

Is anxious about school expenses; ...

There is "night school tuition monthly installment system" that can allot income that got night school by daytime part-time job for school expenses. Independence entering further education is possible, too!

Is there uniform?

There is subject-designated suit for job interview in Airline Course, Railway Service Course.

Are there few night schools?

There is difference by year, but is after about one class 15 portions.

Can you find a job in night school?

The rate of employment of graduate is 100% in March, 2018. We work in the industry being attracted by the day and acquire element which is important as member of society with nature as it is style to concentrate on at night, and to take class, and merit that there is not for high-school graduate employment is provided.

We see more


Entrance fee for free

On the day reservation is OK, too!


Participation with friend is OK!

Participation with protector is welcome, too!


There is transportation expenses assistance

Person of distant place is check required!
Up to 12,000 yen!

Opening campus 1day trip which goes on the weekend

It is these two people that participate in open campus this time

  • As we are thinking about one living, we actually stay at student apartment!

    Taku Ooka quadrature

    Railway Service Course choice
    We are from Okayama Mitsu High School (Okayama)

    We want to become driver of the Shinkansen
    We are examining entering further education to technical school.
    School near hometown is good, ...

  • We return after seeing the sights of Osaka♪

    Yoshida beauty A

    Travel Course choice
    We are from Iiyama High School (Kagawa)

    As like traveling, the future
    Become tour conductor
    We want to run around the world!


As it is center of Osaka, access is convenient!
The nearest station is Higobashi, Nakanoshima, Awaza, Fukushima.
We arrive from all stations within a 15-minute walk!


Visit in the whole explanation, hall

We tell about features of the whole school clearly.
On the day as we perform introduction of teacher in charge of class,
The pivot checks whether there are contents and what kind of teacher in class!
The current students staff welcomes and guides &!

In the circumference of school, business district is the center
It seems to be convenient to go out to play as it is town naka
The school was considerably beautiful

POINT which we were worried about!

Building No. 1 student salon

The current students staff is met!


Experience-based class, subject explanation

We are divided into each desired subject and give a lecture on contents and features of curriculum. Do you listen to worth doing and ulla story of work of sightseeing, the service industry, too?

Anyway, as for the teacher whom we told, training room that was former driver of Kintetsu is real, and genuine article is, and tension goes up

POINT which we were worried about!

Railway service training room

Experience-based class


Entrance examination explanation, protector explanation, experience-based class


Visit in hall
Social gathering, individual conference

We can receive various advice from teacher and current students. Ask a question more and more if you may be interested. We can feel free to contact because it is senior troubled with course in the same way!

At first, we were tense, but teacher and senior were relieved to hear story well
Thing that we could talk about directly including uneasy point by school life was good

POINT which we were worried about!

Individual conference

Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph!


The end of the event

Thank you ♪ We are used to have an individual consultation after open campus.

  • We understood school well!
  • After this, to experience-based accommodation of student apartment!

We check Coco in open campus

  • Were you able to understand characteristic and strength of school?
  • Does atmosphere of current students and teacher seem to be good for oneself?
  • Were you able to be interested in contents of experience-based class?
  • Are facility, facilities substantial?
  • Is it environment where it is easy to talk about course, employment with?
  • Was uneasy point including expense that it cost for entering further education able to dissolve?

The first step of selection of course! High school 1.2 years student is welcome, too! Campus now being held open in the weekend, consecutive holidays!

The latest date

Sunday, October 20


Entrance fee for free

On the day reservation is OK, too!


Participation with friend is OK!

Participation with protector is welcome, too!


There is transportation expenses assistance

Person of distant place is check required!
Up to 12,000 yen!

Open campus application is this

For Foreign Student