Studying in the United States of learning thoraJAL which played, but was clogged up tightly to live in

A lot of encounter and experience that bring oneself up let alone linguistic ability because it is few original program at other schools!
Do you not experience one year of magic?

We will hear detailed talk by studying abroad briefing session!

Introduction of learning

Original program that TOEIC® score improves largely

In addition to class by native lecturer, Japanese lecturer is in charge of basic grammar and TOEIC® measures.
Expert of English education to know difficulty of English learning peculiar to Japanese thoroughly supports.

Thorough studying abroad measures class

We study abroad and take measures and, in addition to class, usually teach. We learn English conversation that is necessary for life in studying abroad and acquire mental attitude to talk about in English before departure.

Command of English improves by class according to level

We learn in class according to level including course only for English, Japanese and English course. Japanese lecturer shares subject native lecturer.

We make use of command of English and look for a job

We start job hunting in strength with command of English after returning home. Support of English resume and English interview is substantial, too.

W support of native lecturer X Japanese lecturer

Special English class by native lecturer is small number of people system. By class of 12 hours a week, we concentrate power on English conversation, speech, problem study, presentation. By class of Japanese lecturer performed in parallel for eight hours a week, we put important point for TOEIC® measures including reading and listening and learn.

By class according to level, senior is ESLIn this
We can be admitted

Because it is class according to level depending on command of English, we are reliable. If senior with command of English passes Placement Test, is ESL from 2.3 termWe can incorporate this into general English class to be invited to. We learn mainly on the reading and writing with the goal of acquiring command of English that can attend class of university here.

※ESL...Abbreviation of English as a Second Language. It is English education for person that English is not native language.

Campus introduction

Campus life longed-for in Seattle of city No. 1 where we want to live in

Seattle that has been chosen to No. 1 of city where American wants to live in is active in acceptance of foreign student.
The peace and order are good, and it may be said that it is the most suitable environment that can devote itself to study in peace.

Edmonds school

It is State University where is distinguished for the popularity, the results that approximately 600 foreign students gather for from higher than in 60 countries in very large campus of approximately 430,000ha together.

Shore line school

University of approximately 8,000 number of the students built in forest which is full of green. Approximately 500 people are foreign students, and English education has certain results soon.

Refuse Kay Deer school

Campus among magnificent nature. There is little number of the students, and the smooth education system with a small number of people is feature.

Homepage of Seattle school is this place

"Emerald city" of a lot of charm Seattle

Seattle located in the northern part of American West Coast is city of Washington maximum.
It is called "emerald city" from water and the beauty filled with greenery. We are blessed with mountain and sea, nature including lake, and there is house miyasusademo reputation. Center, downtown in the city where hotel and department store, high-quality boutiques crowd have good peace and order although being lively.
There is the Starbucks first shop in market and is one of the tourist attractions that many people visit.
In addition, closeness as we can make a day trip to Vancouver and Victoria of neighboring country Canada. Pleasure of studying abroad life is filled with several times.

Pike place ・

Market proud of the United States's best history. Market of colorful fruit and fishery products, various things including souvenir shop are prepared. Near in the Starbucks first shop.


Major League baseball team, home stadium of Seattle Mariners which can accommodate 50,000 audiences. At spot really popular by achievement of Japanese player.

University of Washington

Educational institution where we are founded in 1861, and the United States is top level. In the campus, building unified in Gothic style is beautiful in natural rich environment.

Annual event

One year when is full of events that do not make an English study, and are pleasant

School life studying abroad is full of trip and party, activities!
Volunteer activity to work to applicant in overseas company is possible.

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

April Arrival at Seattle Meeting type with / host family / Seattle city sightseeing Visit to visit to / SEFECO Field tour / University of Washington campus / tulip Festival
May Elementary school visit (volunteer activity) Watching / scuba diving class (applicant) / Major League baseball
June CRYDD Funami study  / river rafting (applicant) / semester test / quarter break (term vacation)
July Independence Day / fireworks display / mount Rainier hiking
August Semester test / Wissler training trip to Canada Visit to / Boeing airplane Museum
September Quarter break (term vacation)
October Halloween, masquerade party / pumpkin hunting / Japan school festival
November Thanksgiving day
December Christmas party / semester test / Honolulu marathon (applicant)
January garejjiseru / coming-of-age ceremony party / graduation ceremony
February Returning home

※Part of refuse Kay Deer school varies in schedule.

We acquire usable English and confidence!
Volunteer in local company

-. which wants to make use of command of English that we acquired in work
Such one can challenge company volunteer activity to experience real work in local hotel or travel agency.
In the volunteer point, hotel, travel agency, event facility varies.

About expense that it costs during studying abroad

Voice of graduate

During stay, we competed with friend of thoraJAL.

Studying abroad long-term as for command of English having largely improved is opportunity. At first we think that it is factor every day to have been able to hear real English, that local teacher's teaching was plain and to have continued competing with friend of tiger JAL which studied abroad together for results of examination during stay all the time in homestay. It is 990 points of mezasuha perfect score!

Naruo Mabuchi
Night school English communication department two years
Studying in the United States system
We are from Oomi brothers company High School (Shiga)

What is TOEIC®?

It is very advantageous qualification by job hunting!

In late years, by increase of foreign tourist and globalization of company, company for command of English increases to new employee. In the airline industry and the hotel industry, we often consider command of English of constant level at the time of adoption, and there is in particular TOEIC® score as the evaluation object. Before and after studying abroad, TOEIC® score of student largely rises. In environment speaking English, score improves surely every day.

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

Comparison between TOEIC® criteria and English understanding
TOEIC®750 point - 990 points Linguistic ability is usable for negotiations by business scene
TOEIC®555 point - 745 points We have linguistic ability without inconvenience toward conversation every day
TOEIC®420 point - 550 points Talk and can hear to some extent
TOEIC®350 point - 415 points We have basic power, power to talk about to hear

(the international business communication investigation)

[overseas internship]
The Walt Disney world training

Internship in Disney World of the home United States is realized.
If it is student, anyone can participate in training selection meeting. "Ability for English conversation" and "charm as human being" are examined by interview official. We are weak in English and may get chance.
We learn know-how of work and Disney's original hospitality while doing cohabitation in dormitory of Disney during internship of approximately one year.
We are divided into departments such as guest relations or pavilion and can experience offer of high service of quality afterwards.

Video introduces American long-term studying abroad system clearly!

We comment on facility of local teacher and school, campus life of students clearly! Check it out!