University-industry research collaboration class

Class to value spot experience

We train human resources with practice power that needs had by collaboration with the industry, adaptable fighting potential.

School where originally principal school was founded by request from the industry saying "we want you to make school which brought up human resources who could play an active part as adaptable fighting potential." kizuna with the industry is stronger than anywhere else and wears practice and adaptable fighting potential who were correct in needs of the industry in what collaboration does in various aspects including education curriculum and employment.

enuoi (NOE) X Travel Course
When plan, trip tour that we suggested is commercialized, oneself are true?

Nine years continuation

"Graduation trip tour" that students planned
It is adopted in travel agency enuoi (NOE) and commercializes!

On tour that student of Travel Course planned, we give presentation in front of professional of travel agency…Such a university-industry research collaboration class was actually tied to commodification. There was request, "we wanted you to think about tour that student wanted to go" for from enuoi (NOE) which was travel agency, and students did planning in response to it. As a result, plan chosen as the best plan will be commercialized.
Students who thought about plan were invited to monitor tour according to plan from NOE and they actually kept experience that traveled alive and worked out plan more. In addition, we produced brochure which was sale tool jointly from the beginning with NOE, and wonderful brochure which their photographs entered on cover was completed. For days when we worked with professional, it will be to have surely become irreplaceable experience.

Flow until commodification

  • 1.Company (NOE) gives problem to in class.

  • 2.It is planning every group.

  • 3.We announce each plan in front of company. We receive evaluation.

  • 4.Adopted group experiences monitor tour!

  • 5.We do meetings such as the NOE person in charge and brochure making.

  • 6.Brochure is completed and commercializes!

Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau X Railway Service Course
Annual big event of Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau

Numerousness or municipal traffic Festival

We develop booth having railroad feel in "numerousness or municipal traffic festival" that Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau carries out once a year closer (two years in a row). We thought about what kind of contents would enjoy and gave presentation in front of various places of Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau and carried out plan that got high evaluation. On the day we can have you enjoy toward the wide generation and are very popular. Being aware of plain explanation, it was valuable event that was able to realize important thing again when we got work.

Person image to find from the personnel affairs person in charge of each company
It is true when we can be taught directly?

You perform company briefing session in study, and please explain company profile or person image to find from the personnel affairs person in charge. In the company carrying out employment examination in study in the same way again. Expectation and trust to thoraJAL are indicated.

More than 80 companies are school members
We carry out briefing session! (the 2017 results)

  • ANA Osaka Airport
  • ANA Narita airport service
  • ANA business solution
  • enuoi
  • emokkuentapuraizu
  • Ohmi Railway
  • K ground service
  • The K sky
  • Sanyo Electric Railway
  • CKTS
  • Shikoku Railway Co.
  • Jet sightseeing
  • JC plan
  • JCB travel
  • jattsu Kansai
  • JAL ground service Osaka
  • JAL sky Osaka
  • Skymark
  • Dream sky Nagoya
  • Nara Kotsu
  • Day trip service
  • Hankyu Corporation
  • United tours

A lot of others (random order)