School concept

School which brings up "genuine article" (professional)

School which is supported

From process founded in response to request of sightseeing, the service industry, there is powerful support from the industry in our school. Many association and corporate judicial people where it affects sightseeing promotion to link the name in recommendation, support group. In addition, people of prominent firm in the industry act as outside officer…. Brand power only in our school leads to high practical curriculum and rate of employment.

School which is evaluated

Knowledge, technique about business in specialism and "course that the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology authorizes that we educate and recommends that is organized about skill specialized in occupation practice." We started in April, 2014. It is 902 of 2,817 whole country that we clear severe authorized standard and were authorized. Authorized school in the field of sightseeing is only five schools in Osaka, and it is only our school that all courses are authorized. (the 2017 results)

School with idea

With global viewpoint, we practice hospitality in the occupation spot and raise person fortune which can contribute to society with person.

School to lead to genuine article

Counter and trip counter of airport which just reproduced the spot, vehicle of train…Training room to be able to learn in such a real environment is pride of our school.
In addition, there is class that can sense genuine work including "university-industry research collaboration class" to perform various companies and collaboration bodily a lot and can learn all professional, necessary.

As for teacher and the friend in the facility…"Genuine learning" is right here

Teacher who always faces each other seriously. Friend who can encourage each other at any time. Class to be connected to the industry and company. Studying abroad life that the world becomes imminent remarkably.
Surely it will be to feel much kizuna if we enter thoraJAL.
These kizuna leads you to "genuine article".

Teacher is genuine

Again active industry person where teacher to teach in thoraJAL actually worked in sightseeing, the service industry. Only as for Mr. fiery zeal that teacher of thoraJAL faces each one well at the same time to perform practical education only by professional to students. Anything gives advice from study to romance from course.

Friend is genuine

Because it is friend having same dream and aim, kizuna is very strong. We may surely meet lifetime friend in thoraJAL.

Graduate is genuine

Graduate who plays an active part in sightseeing, the service industry more than 44,000 people. Friend where students are strong in trust and brand power that such a senior built. We are a person that it is familiar so as to sometimes begin class, and to advise.
※Tokyo school and adding up

Spot experience is genuine

"Company training" to experience worth doing and strictness of working as professional in full-time department. "Night school company training system" to act in company being attracted by the day in night school. It is shortcut to genuine article for two years in thoraJAL.

In real training room
Learning is genuine

Real space that hardly believes its eyes all saying "it is genuine" including counter of travel agency, counter of station and train vehicle, airport of railroad. We can play an active part as "adaptable fighting potential" by acquiring training repeatedly in environment same as the spot.

With company
Collaboration is genuine

We introduce "university-industry research collaboration class" to make product development and contribution to society with company by strong network with the industry. We make planning from the beginning and give presentation in front of various places of company and…. It is curriculum which practice power acquires with adaptable fighting potential.

Educational program is genuine

We perform education to be able to stretch out individuality of student by unique learning of our school original which, besides, there is not including class to understand "hospitality" (hospitality), and to wear and night school which grants independence entrance into a school of higher grade while working.

Studying abroad is genuine

In thoraJAL, studying abroad system is fulfilling, too. It is one-year program of magic to change you. All of local much experience is irreplaceable experiences. Independent spirit is cultivated and is program that can mature into diplomatic, positive human being.