Full-time department, night school

Because we can learn like oneself, we can do our best.

We want to learn the industry slowly and carefully

We deepen knowledge to the industry to hear "on-site experiences" from teacher from industry and receive instruction from person from active industry and acquire workflow by experience in real training room and. We wear wide knowledge and skill by the sixth period class a day.

We want to enjoy campus life a whole bunch

Events in study are varied while being technical school including athletic meet "thoraJAL festival" and school festival "hospitality festival" of all the members participation. Full-time department having a long time to spend at school can work on event of one one a whole bunch. We can enjoy campus life that we cannot experience only now.

We want to acquire a lot of qualifications

hosupi aiming at "all the job applicants employment" lays emphasis on the acquisition of qualification that is advantageous to employment. If it is full-time department, class of qualification measures is fulfilling, too. We can concentrate alone part of class on the examination grind not to readily advance.

Student's Voice

We received at the age of high school, and unacceptable longed-for company was able to give informal appointment to!

Play expression training and waiting on customers sign language were classes that they often learned for me who was weak in self-expression. In addition, it goes to theme park in company training, and it is big property to have been able to realize person and pleasure to speak, joy of waiting on customers.
As well as technical knowledge, it was useful for realization of dream that communication power that was the most important for work of railroad was acquired.

Hayato Tsukada
Full-time department Railway Service Course
We are from Arima High School (Hyogo)
Hankyu Corporation

An example of 1 annual class schedule

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

From 10:00 to 10:45 - Play expression
Training I
Domestic travel fare Waiting on customers sign language HRI, II
From 10:55 to 11:40
From 11:55 to 12:40 Domestic travel geography Travel Agent Act, article Internship
Business etiquette I Physical
Training I
From 12:40 to 13:30 Lunchtime
From 13:30 to 14:15 Domestic travel geography Travel Agent Act, article Internship
Business etiquette I Physical
Training I
From 14:30 to 15:15 Railroad written examination
Measures I
Human skill
Voice training Industry employment test
Measures I
Station employee, crew
Business I
From 15:25 to 16:10
After school Applicant has qualification measures instruction after school.

Because it is company playing an active part, graduate is stouthearted, too!

We experience the spot in company training!

In full-time department, it knows strictness to actually introduce "company training" to act, and to work on the site in travel agencies, and it is purpose that understand true figure of work by realizing worth doing at the same time. We find concrete course here, and there are a lot of cases that performance is evaluated and leads to employment.

We want to acquire experience while learning

System only for hosupi where other schools do not have "night school company training system" that can receive training in sightseeing, the service industry being attracted by the day. Coexistence of work and study seems to be great, but is rather big chance if there is the industry to aim at. For company seeking "adaptable fighting potential", long-term spot experience may lead to the same informal appointment.

We want to study intensively

Class sets curriculum which can learn knowledge effectively. Contents learning before graduation are about the same with full-time department even if short as for the time. When we confirm that we experienced at school on the site and feed back learning of school for student using "night school company training system" in the spot, there is merit that can acquire learning by experience immediately.

Entering a school of higher grade wants to perform independence

The night school's greatest merit being able to enter a school of higher grade without putting an economical burden on parent. The tuition is about half of full-time department! We can pay school expenses from salary of the moon if we use "night school tuition monthly installment system". Using this system, various students including person from university, junior college and member of society experienced person learn let alone high school graduate.

Student's Voice

Work is directly connected to study in the future, too. We double and can grow up as much as double is serious.

After the graduation from high school, save school expenses by part-time job for one year; and to night school. Lunch works in Hankyu Express International and it is hard every day to learn at school at night, but rather is fun because we want to do.
In the night school of Travel Course, it is attractive graduate and that a lot of people who experienced member of society listen to various stories. Free air which can unite more than age supports motivation.

Mountainous district Honami
Night school Travel Course
We are from Miki High School (Kagawa)

An example of 1 annual class schedule

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

From 18:25 to 19:10 Domestic travel geography Domestic travel fare Domestic business measures Travel Agent Act Business etiquette
From 19:20 to 20:05 Tour
The planning basics
Trip industry measures Industry employment
Examination measures I
From 20:15 to 21:00 Homeroom I Homeroom II Travel agency article Hospitality
Human skill

Support system to grant independence entrance into a school of higher grade is fulfilling

Night school company training system

"Night school company training system" to learn while working in sightseeing, the service industry. We can make use of having learned at school at night in daytime work and are system taking a short cut to ideal professional. As for training a lot of cases which just find work earlier.

After the graduation school expenses return system (interest school burden during attendance at school)

Let alone the tuition, we can pay necessary "facility cost of equipment" after the graduation at the time of entrance to school procedure. School bears interest at school (they can use only night school life).

Night school tuition monthly installment system

We can deliver the tuition by monthly installment. Independence entrance into a school of higher grade is possible if we allot salary that we got in the daytime training for the tuition.