Real training room

Training room to be able to learn in real environment. It is shortcut to professional to learn in environment same as public performance.

Each subject training room

Trip counter training room

Training room that reproduced counter of travel agency. We learn suggestion of tour, procedure of ticketing of ticket from customer through practice using brochure.

Railway service training room

From ticket vendor, wicket, home, train are prepared and are like totally genuine station. Besides, we introduce driving simulator and we practice various duties inside and outside station and the car and polish skill.

Mock-up training room in plane

In training room that reproduced the airplane realistically, we learn cabin attendant duties. We learn refined waiting on customers skill with beauty to offer comfortable air travel to customer.

Check-in counter

We can learn ticketing, transit information for boarding and airline ticket, various grand staff duties including delivery of baggage.

Other facilities

Employment reference library

PC room

Student salon


Costume training room

Front operation training room

The front to perform check-in check-out is right face of hotel. We can learn the first-class manner and manner in elegant atmosphere.

Hotel guest room training room

We learn guest room duties such as setting of bedmaking, towel and amenity.

Bar counter training room

We reproduce bar counter of hotel. We can make cocktail with shaker and master technique to entertain customer.

Foods & beverage training room

We learn table coordinates and ryoin service practically.

Japanese-style room

In calm Japanese-style room, we learn "waiting on customers of the sum" to be required in inns.


There are two studios where we posted big mirror of large space and all over the wall to polish important "power of expression up" in working in theme park. Sharp space where the second-floor studio imaged near future.

Banquet room

Into discerning banquet room, we are fully equipped with partition. We change size of venue, and practical training from stage to set up is possible.
※Banquet room is party venue, banquet venue.