Travel journal group

Reason to be used to "genuine article" (professional) which the history and the education system of school foundation 45 years demonstrate.

Historical school

School which was created to bring up "genuine article" (professional)

Entrance ceremony of the Institute of travel journal trip first year

Person that Tetsuya Moritani who was founder launched information magazine "weekly publication travel journal" specialized in the first trip industry after experience at the trip industry and publishing company in Japan in 1964. This information magazine is still loved reading as historical tourism business magazine throughout the trade by working people. When travel journal reached the founding tenth year, Moriya thinks, "we want to do the repayment of favor to the trip industry". And we decide to make school bringing up human resources who can play an active part in sightseeing, the service industry which human resources lacked predominantly in those days. Technical school named "Institute of travel journal trip" (Tokyo school) in 1973 was born, and Osaka school founded a school afterwards in 1981.

With the industry, we bring up human resources becoming adaptable fighting potential truly

The travel journal first issue

Because it was purpose that the industry produced human resources who demanded for the industry, the education policy was totally different from previous school. For reputation of the industry, "graduate of that school is good" as for the curriculum raising true adaptable fighting potential in policy to "experience the spot thoroughly." At first, it was only Travel Course, but we established Hotel Course, Airline Course, grand handling department (we rename than Airport Course in April, 2019), theme park department, Railway Service Course, English communication department later and came to cover all sightseeing, service industries. As for the Hotel Course, theme park department is reborn newly as "Osaka theme park dance technical school" as "Osaka hotel technical school" in April, 2018, and two thoraJAL Osaka schools accomplish development from the system to four systems.

School which is supported

Support of the industry brings up "genuine article"

From process founded in response to request of sightseeing, the service industry, there is powerful support from the industry in our school. Many association and corporate judicial people where it affects sightseeing promotion to link the name in recommendation, support group. In addition, people of prominent firm in the industry act as outside officer…. Brand power only in our school leads to high practical curriculum and rate of employment.

"Weekly travel journal" is No. 1 trade journal of foundation of a periodical for 1,964 years

It is specialized information magazine in Japan for sightseeing industries with the history. Commencing with the latest news of the industry, it is full of articles to be connected directly with marketing information, corporate strategy, normal business routine including think piece getting to the bottom of news. We join Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations (shimbunzatsushibusuukosakikamae).

Travel journal group

  • Travel journal
    (reporting, publication to the sightseeing industry)
  • TJ hospitality
    (human resources dispatch, introduction specialized in the sightseeing industry)

Recommendation, support group

  • General Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)
  • Sightseeing in foreign government station meeting ANTOR-JAPAN to Japan
  • General All Nippon Travel agents Association (ANTA)
  • General Japan conducting tour service association (TCSA)
  • Association of general Japan foreign countries tour operator (OTOA)
  • Overseas hotel association (OHEA)
  • Pacific Asia tourist association (PATA)
  • Nonprofit foundation Bridal Institutional Association (BIA)
  • Association of general Japan inn


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October, 1973 The Institute of travel journal trip (Tokyo school) opening of a school
October, 1975 (no company) It becomes Japan Association of Travel Agents recommendation school
June, 1977 (no company) It becomes All Nippon Travel agents Association recommendation school
February, 1981 It becomes Pacific Asia tourist association Japan Branch recommendation school
April, 1981 The Institute of Osaka travel journal trip (Osaka school) opening of a school
August, 1982 It becomes sightseeing in foreign government station meeting recommendation school to Japan
April, 1986 We are authorized as special vocational school from Osaka and change school name of to Osaka travel journal trip technical school
April, 1986 The Seattle school opening of a school in the United States
October, 1991 It becomes association of overseas hotel association, (no company) Japanese overseas tour operator recommendation school
October, 1993 (no company) It becomes association of Japanese inn recommendation school
April, 1994 We change school name of to trip to thoraJAL hotel technical school
April, 2000 (public corporation) It becomes Bridal Institutional Association support school
April, 2002 (no company) It becomes Japanese conducting tour service association recommendation school
April, 2007 We change school name of to hospitality tourism technical school Osaka
April, 2011 The sister school Osaka Bridal College opening of a school
April, 2013 The sister school Tokyo bridal technical school opening of a school
April, 2018 The sister school Osaka hotel technical school opening of a school
The sister school Osaka theme park dance technical school opening of a school

Director, inspector, councilor

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Director Hiroshi Moriya (study) travel journal school's director
Director Toshiki Okazaki JSO solution representative director (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.'s former managing director)
Chairperson and CEO Representative Director Takao Watabe Juko (WATABE WEDDING's former president)
Inspector Munetaka Ashizawa Eiwa auditor employee certified public accountant
Hiroyuki Naito Saito synthesis licensed tax accountant corporation unification representative partner licensed tax accountant
Councilor Kazuma Arino public All Nippon Travel agents Association's executive managing director
Koichi Uchizono ANA HOLDINGS Inc.'s advisor (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.'s former representative director vice-president)
Mayumi Umegaki Kintetsu, Miyako Hotel's operating officer Human Resource Development's manager
Kotaro Furuki Global use bureau's chairperson
Atsushi Takahashi East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.'s managing director
Seiko Nakano Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. operating officer West Japan district manager
Kaneyoshi Noda nonprofit foundation Bridal Institutional Association's executive managing director
Manager of Shigeru Hattori All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. seat of honor operating officer Airport center
Trip to Masayasu Kobayashi ANA sales operating officer business headquarters's deputy general manager

(as of June, 2018)