School idea, education policy

Support of sightseeing, the service industry
We bring up genuine professional

From process founded in response to request of sightseeing, the service industry "which excellent human resources carrying the future sightseeing industry want", there is powerful support from the industry in our school. Many association and corporate judicial people where it affects sightseeing promotion to link the name in recommendation, support group. In addition, people of prominent firm in the industry act as outside officer, and brand power only in our school is connected in high practical curriculum and rate of employment.

Education philosophy

With global viewpoint, we practice hospitality in the occupation spot,
We raise person fortune which can contribute to society with person.

Education policy

  • We stand in situation of partner and think and can act
    Hospitality education
  • We can play an active part in the occupation spot
    Occupation business practice education
  • For life, we raise culture, and self-culture is made
    Incentive education
  • We can play our part in community, international community
    Global education

Greetings from president

Sightseeing, the service industry "make customer happy,
It is meeting of people aiming at oneself becoming happy.

"It is no longer sincere tenaciously, and "it is unrewarded drudge, and even what kind of situation provides security to customer" which which coping "puts casual direction more than expectation" "provides any people regardless of age or sex, service best impartially" even if said that it is already good" which "we get and draw all of request up in heart of customer" from the "refreshing greetings" "to speak right Japanese" "dignified manner"…It is the world where "impression creation person" competes for ability as professional by expression such as "magician who makes customer smile" that begin after the graduation. We show own role to the maximum and live proudly. Our school plants this operation and readiness. The staff of a school becomes careerist model of student and learns with student and practices interest charge account education to increase each person's possibility. Many graduates shine throughout the trade, and figure contributing to is our pride. Do you not play an active part as professional member, too?