Hospitality human skill

Hospitality is "feeling to be considerate of partner, and to stand in situation of partner, and to act".
It is said to be "heart of hospitality" "consideration" in Japan.
This hospitality is important above all to work in the world of service.
In principal school, we learn this in class, and it is understood and develops power that can act.

Student's Voice

Make use of studying abroad experience; and to people of the world
We want to show hospitality.

It "being nothing as for the form of hospitality" to have noticed through class. It was time of studying abroad that we actually experienced it. For perfect hospitality of Japan, it is thing which overseas waiting on customers is friendly, and is casual. As workplace is trading company with overseas company with much business, it is big property to have been touched this difference. We understand both styles and want to show hospitality to people of the world.

Naoko Kawasaki

Naoko Kawasaki
Full-time department English communication department two years
Studying in the United States system
We are from mutual love high school (Osaka)
Sanki Shoji

Student's Voice

When we do not go according to manual,
Class to have customer please

In the spot of service trade, the situation that cannot support occurs according to manual. What should I do in such a case to have customer please?…It is class to think about it together. For example, we knew well and felt both the industry which oneself aimed at and other industry of broad outlook on life when we gave opinions about the different "most suitable hospitality" every occupation. It is one of the hospitality, such discussion "hears story of partner well".

Haruyoshi Honda

Night school Travel Course two years
We are from Izumo technical high school (Shimane)