Hospitality human skill

Hospitality is "feeling to be considerate of partner, and to stand in situation of partner, and to act".
It is said to be "heart of hospitality" "consideration" in Japan.
This hospitality is important above all to work in the world of service.
In principal school, we learn this in class, and it is understood and develops power that can act.

Student's Voice

For service that is really pleased with
Thing that hospitality is essential

We noticed importance of hospitality only after taking this class.

Because, let alone every any people regardless of age or sex generation, service to be considerate of situation of partner is essential in railroad which physically disabled customer sometimes uses. "Work to contact with person" of thing which found a job to IT company after the graduation from university wanted to do me and entered hosupi. It wants to be to railroad man that consideration is possible than anyone else which took a roundabout way a little.

Kazunari Kitazawa

Kazunari Kitazawa
Night school Railway Service Course
We are from Kansai University
Shikoku Railway Co.

Student's Voice

Because it is school to be professional of waiting on customers
To be considerate of everyday life
We overflow

We noticed, "hospitality was not special" through class. We are considerate of partner in daily life and act what is pleased with. Everybody behaves so naturally in this school. I wear hospitality routinely and aim at existence to be able to snuggle up to feeling of partner at hotel which is the highest peak of waiting on customers.

Haruyoshi Honda

Haruyoshi Honda
Full-time department English communication department
We are from Hidaka High School (Wakayama)
Pacific Star Resort & Spa