Message from person from industry

Push on for "personnel training of adaptable fighting potential" that sightseeing, the service industry demands; and 36 years.
The industry companies give firm trust to many graduates in response to this expectation.

It, please be new wind of classic Imperial Hotel.

With the change of the times, needs of customer visiting hotel diversifies. Necessary thing does not get snagged on manual, and how long would you feel joy and moisture to each person's customer now? This is “ worth doing "and “ pleasure" acting at hotel. We have awareness and pride toward working with Imperial Hotel and we work and look forward to wrestling tenaciously lively obediently brightly.

Imperial Hotel Ltd.

Board member managing director operating officer
General Manager Imperial Hotel Osaka
Masahiro Koda

Let's make new travel agency together

Role demanded from travel agency greatly changes. Not only we help with trip arrangement of sightseeing purpose, but also push forward local activation through suggestion to solve various problems that company and the local government hold or invitation of customer from foreign countries all in one body with hometown and merely perform approach more than fences of the conventional industry. The trip industry performs "evolution" every day in this way. We are looking forward to being able to do the best with person loving to challenge new thing.

Trip to Japan

Board member and operating officer
West Japan sales's general manager
Takashi Okamoto

With children, let's make the better world.

In KCJ GROUP, plan runs social experience-based facility "kizzania" occupation to bring up power that children live for. Because we support children, children become independent and are connected in opening up the coming Japanese future. Guest is children and protector watching children, and hospitality in wide viewpoint is necessary. We learn technical knowledge and skill of practice type in your school and, with us and children, will make the better world.


Board member executive managing director operating officer
Plan management general manager
Kyoichiro Kamibayashi

Let's build the future of the railroad industry together, everybody.

It is mission that the railroad industry provides comfortable space to customer, but "ensuring safety of transportation" is basic of business continuation above all. Therefore we perform various approaches for security commencing with maintenance of hardware surface in us. Above all, it is "person" to be the most important and will be power of soft aspect. Please cultivate high consciousness and service mind for security at the same time to learn wide technical knowledge in technical school if we have dream to act in the railroad industry. And we want you to build the future of the railroad industry with us in the future. We send big expectation to everybody of hospitality tourism technical school Osaka.

Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Managing director railway business general manager Ikuo Yoshida

To company which it is chosen as customer most in the world, and is loved

Place that JAL aims at in aviation industry which comes to have more and more intense competition in future…It is to become "airline which it is chosen as customer most in the world, and is loved".
Therefore all employees must match heart. In pouring fresh breath into with one, will that can make new JAL together, we expect.

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Operating officer West Japan district manager Seiko Nakano

From Kansai Airport to the world

We go into service in Kansai Airport including ANA, Peach Aviation; vary, and handle nationality airline. For the globalization era, we work hard at duties as Japan and go-between with foreign countries every day. You contact with world customer to meet at counter in the best hospitality that everybody developed at school, and please realize between dream and impressed eyewink by all means. We yearn for friend and hope that we work with one full of the spirit of self-advancement.

ANA Kansai Airport

Board member Naoto Hori

We challenge the times to change with AXESS

Service that customer demands with change of the times diversifies, and trip-related system and contents disperse. Through offer of trip distribution system "AXESS" corresponding to such a change, we aim at company which and is trusted necessary for all of trip, aviation industry. Conjugation is found as not only system side but also company to cope in the new times. We challenge change and expect of everybody to be professional.

Access International Network INC.

President Seiji Soekawa

Jump out more to the world! Hotel business is borderless.

As tendency of these past several years, Japanese customer is used to traveling and feels that the need of the Japanese staff in charge of interpreter and care fades in each country. Chinese market flocks by power of overwhelming number at the same time, and nationality will have nothing to do with from now on, and Hotel human resources who can run will be required purely. You jump out to the world, and do you not aim at multi-national staff and work, international hoterie?

Hyatt Regency

General manager Katsushi Nishikawa

(as of December, 2015)