School with night school

We receive training in sightseeing, the bridal service industry and we concentrate on at night and receive class in the daytime.
Longed-for method to grant dream in two years while working throughout the trade is right here after "independence entrance into a school of higher grade" to pay school expenses for by oneself is possible!

Learn knowledge, technique of "adaptable fighting potential" and manner as member of society, and to the industry.


We work in the daytime in the longed-for industry!

We can acquire work experience while working in sightseeing, the bridal service industry in the day.

Type of industry of training is own hope
We can choose!

We hear the type of job desired individually and support to meet requirements of everybody.

Course after graduation is available freely!

There is, but workplace can choose case which can have training earlier same informal appointment depending on hope freely.


3-hour intensive model class a day
(style to concentrate on in short time, and to learn)

As for the class of night school, it is curriculum which can absorb knowledge effectively in the daytime as we work on the site. Contents learning before graduation are about the same with full-time department even if short as for the time.

Qualification, official approval measures support so good, too!

All the necessary qualifications make curriculum which they can study in class. Therefore we can challenge many qualifications, official approval while working in the day.

Expense that is necessary at the time of entrance to school procedure,
Only as for 130,000 yen

If use night school tuition monthly installment system, expense that is necessary at the time of entrance to school procedure only as for 130,000 yen. We can largely reduce financial burden at the time of entrance into a school of higher grade.


If we use bargain apartment system,
Rent is 22,000 yen ...

We introduce apartment which can enter area that can go to school by bicycle for bargain rent.

While receiving training in longed-for company,
We can use company dormitory!

"Company dormitory" which had various companies of the sightseeing industry provide can enter a dormitory. Dormitory charge can live with free ... 30,000 yen at a bargain price.

On two meals furnished in the student dormitory
Manager permanent residence

As it is furnished student dormitory, initial expense is held down. In addition, we feel safe that 2 snaps at meal as manager is resident. (meal includes two meals only as for the dinner only without breakfast we can choose.)

With "system [night school company training system] to learn while working"

After entering night school of our school, it is system that we load experience onto while getting salary as long-term part-time job intern of approximately one year targeting at applicants in sightseeing, bridal service-related company. We can review what we experienced on the site in the day at school at night and we work and can keep knowledge that we learned at school alive immediately. As learning and the spot of school are connected directly, there is merit that we can take in more and can allot salary that we got in the training for school expenses and cost of living.

We learn while working
We learn while working
We learn while working
Passage of night school day

Fujihira paren

Fujihira paren
Airline Course studying in the United States system (during studying abroad)
We are from Marugame west area of a castle High School (Kagawa)
[training] Hotel Granvia Osaka
[house] Bargain apartment
Grand apartment house of the Showa era

Nozomi that Tagami is the way goes

Nozomi that Tagami is the way goes
English communication department studying in the United States system
We are from Tamana technical high school (Kumamoto)
[training] Westin Hotel Osaka
[house] Company dormitory (Westin Hotel Osaka)

Q&A about night school

Can you choose the type of job to hope for Q?

Night school company training system briefing session holds before A entrance to school and performs interview with teacher of charge. Can you go without unreasonableness from house to the office? What are the industry and type of industry to hope for? nadoo is small and hears and, after that, we consider aptitude of everybody and introduce the most suitable company.

You do not have experience that acted by Q now, can you work?

As we explain duties contents before A assignment well, don't worry. In addition, we introduce company after having confirmed aptitude of everybody. Seniors without experience that acted on past use night school company training system and learn many things through work.

What kind of system is use of Q company dormitory system?

We enter a dormitory at a bargain price in company dormitory of company where our A school cooperates and are system of our school original which can act again in the company. As dormitory charge can live at bargain rate of free ... 30,000 yen, economic burden can be reduced, too.

Is company of use of Q company dormitory system available?

In the case of A application, we can list in "various support system applications" in "application guidebook & economy support system" enclosed by entrance to school guide book until the third hope. As you put various business partner company names and adoption types of job, hourly wages, working hours on application guidebook, please choose company which is correct in condition from that. ※But please be careful as there is target subject.

What kind of system is Q case cheap apartment system?

It is system to introduce apartment which can enter area where our A school can go to school by bicycle for bargain deposit and rent to. As for the rent of monthly basis, considerable with 22,000 yen - 27,800 yen; is bargain.

Is management company of Q case cheap apartment system available?

One choice is possible than management company of A3 horn case cheap apartment. In addition, we can hope in conjunction with company dormitory and can list that case until the third hope. In the case of application, please submit "various support system applications" in conjunction with "entrance to school application" in "application guidebook & economy support system".

We intend to enter night school learning in spite of being Q work.
What should I do?

There is choice column which hopes for full-time department in A entrance to school application, or hopes for night school. You check that, and please apply.

As we work in the Q day, is class of night school not hard?

We may be surely puzzled until A gets used. However, we seem to be getting used to rhythm of life after the entrance to school in around one month. In addition, it is environment where it is easy to confide trouble to as night school has student doing the best with the same circumstances. There are many students who were able to finish doing it for two years because we had classmate support.

Is there economic support that is available to Q night schools?

Our A school has a lot of systems to support your entrance into a school of higher grade strongly. As we can use most systems together, we can reduce annual delivery school expenses. As for the details of economic support, please see "application guidebook & economy support system".

How is Q scholarship reduced from school expenses?

At first A subtracts amount of money of school expenses reduction from the annual tuition. We divide the reduced tuition in 12 months and set to tuition withdrawal amount of money of the moon.