Custom-made curriculum

From the basics to technical knowledge, step-up is done principal school's original curriculum without unreasonableness.

With custom-made curriculum

Figure of custom-made curriculum

Course class according to the type of job

2 course choice

We choose course for more specialized skill next for two years.
From 8 subject 22 course, we can choose 2 favorite courses. (choice has a talk with class teacher in late one year and is decided)

10 course of hospitality tourism technical school Osaka

The Travel Course subject details are this Tour producer course
Counter adviser course
The Airline Course subject details are this Cabin attendant course
Grand staff course
The Airport Course subject details are this Grand handling course
Air cargo course
The Railway Service Course subject details are this Parser, crew course
Station service course
The English communication science course details are this Overseas carrier course
International communication course

Sister school: 4 course of Osaka Bridal College

Wedding planner department
Dress coordinator department
The overseas wedding science department details are this
Wedding planner course
Dress coordinator course (only as for the woman)
Bridal beauty consultant course
Bridal flower coordinator course

Sister school: 3 course of Osaka hotel technical school

Hotel Course
The overseas carrier science department details are this
Accommodation staff course
ryoin service staff course
Inn staff course

Sister school: 2 course of Osaka theme park dance technical school

The theme park staff science department details are this Theme park staff course
Performance course (entertainment course)
Common course Adviser at shop course
Sales and marketing course
University admission course (only in the full-time department)

Let's challenge various possibility by course class according to the type of job!

We are full of correspondence to CASE1 tourist!

In now when correspondence to foreign tourist is demanded, we wear international communication skill necessary for duties.

  • Station service course
  • +
  • International communication course
  • To the station staff whom foreign tourist can rely on

We aim at person from CASE2 international group industry!

We wear skill of adaptable fighting potential at overseas hotel and restaurant by acquiring knowledge of the hotel industry.

  • Overseas carrier course
  • +
  • ryoin service staff course
  • To the restaurant staff who can play an active part abroad

To professional in response to CASE3 a variety of needs!

Knowledge of trip and wedding is important to suggest overseas wedding and honeymoon. We acquire various knowledge.

  • Counter adviser course
  • +
  • Wedding planner course
  • Counter adviser who can suggest overseas wedding

Qualification measures class

Two subjects of full-time departments, night school one subject choice

We learn tendency and measures of qualifying examination that is advantageous to employment by class well, and let's aim at much qualification.

List of qualification measures classes (the 2016 results)

  • ・Secretary official approval second grade measures
  • ・Sign language official approval measures
  • ・First Chinese
  • ・TOEIC® measures
  • ・Eiken measures
  • ・Manner protocol
  • ・First Korean
  • ・General trip duties handling manager measures
  • ・Pen character official approval measures
  • ・Barrier-free
  • ・Geography official approval third grade measures
  • ・Colloquial expression official approval measures
  • ・Active English
  • ・Ability for Korean examination measures
  • ・Telephone-adaptive skill official approval measures
  • ・Ceremonial occasion manner
  • A lot of others

Studying seminar

One subject of choice

Class to be able to learn for circle sense happily, and to be useful for work.
Because various subjects gather, friends increase, too.

List of studying seminars (the 2016 results)

  • ・Mental training
  • ・Singer-songwriter
  • ・Body make
  • ・K' s Bar
  • ・Handmade knit classroom
  • ・It is dance rou Tahitian & hula happily
  • ・Self-expression that is free with sumi
  • ・Casino outline
  • ・Futsal
  • ・Vocalist technique
  • ・We know trip and profit
  • ・Dishes of man
  • A lot of others