Now Chinese "Chinese in your strength"

For words unlike Japan, we throb. We are excited at learning in the foreign ground. What can taste it studies abroad. It is big charm that can learn foreign language effectively. Being attention particularly now "Chinese." Studying in Taiwan of travel journal school is system that is good to learn Chinese. School days with large amount of time are chances of study abroad. Well, we step forward to one step, and let's begin "one year of magic" to change oneself.

About expense that it costs during studying abroad

Introduction of learning

October, 2016, inbound ※This breaks through 20 million people. The numbers increase rapidly, and needs to foreign language skill still increases. Therefore it studies abroad to attract attention. We can learn language efficiently to learn from Japanese in remote environment.

A half of inbound is tourist from the Chinese zone (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong). Therefore human resources who can speak Chinese are demanded. Therefore we can push forward job hunting profitably by learning Chinese.

Because there is much one having friendly feeling toward Japanese in Taiwan known as pro-Japanese country, we can live a life in peace. In addition, it is recommended reason that prices are very lower than Japan.

We master business Chinese by "sandwich studying abroad"!

One-year study abroad to be carried out in adjoining room for 1 annual and two years. This is sandwich studying abroad of this school original. We do preinclination next in the country for one year before studying abroad and comprise for local life. We can face class having margin by going to Taiwan by the perfect system. And we make use of studying abroad experience after returning home, and job hunting is pushed forward profitably. School building in Taiwan has tradition of foundation 70 that is celebrity as university resisting language study education

Flow of studying in Taiwan

Learning prior in Japan

In studying abroad preparations course, we acquire linguistic ability necessary for life

Studying in Taiwan

We spend one year in Taipei and we divide into 4 steps and learn business Chinese and Chinese culture

We make use of studying abroad and look for a job

We look for a job with skill of Chinese that we wore as strength

Campus introduction

What is National Taiwan Normal University?

Classic national university where scale, quality are proud of Taiwanese top-level to by Chinese learning together because there is Chinese teacher training course.
Because there is office worker who can speak Japanese, we can learn in peace.


Curriculum which is studying abroad which advances by four steps

We develop close class in less than 10 small class and learn Chinese effectively.

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

We develop close class in less than 10 small class
We learn Chinese effectively

In noble national university
We are received!

It is university which is strong for Chinese so that textbook of National Taiwan Normal University is used in most Chinese center of Taiwan. From basic conversation to Chinese to be used by concierge service, it is attractive to be able to learn widely. Therefore it is university which is very popular from foreign student.

By original class
We overcome weak point!

Because foreign student of other countries receives together, class of university cannot take measures for Japanese. Therefore, in our school, we carry out follow-up mainly on pronunciation that it is not easy to like by original class. In addition, it is our school naradehadesu that lecture to lead to employment including industry circumstances and inbound measures is taken.

It is no other than Chinese
Class is fulfilling, too!

Through culture experience-based class and interchange class of this school original that university provides, we can learn to culture as well as words. We cannot offer high quality service even if we know only language. We acquire genuine "hospitality" by understanding to culture.

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

Class schedule example
1 gen From 8:10 to 9:00 Chinese class
2 gen From 9:10 to 10:00
3 gen From 10:20 to 11:10 Original class
[weak point measures class]
[interchange class with local student]
4 gen From 11:20 to 12:10
From 12:10 to 14:20 Taking a lunch break rest
5 gen From 14:20 to 15:10 Culture experience-based class (three times a week)
6 gen From 15:20 to 16:10

About employment measures studying abroad

For job hunting to start right after studying abroad returning home, we carry out measures in Taiwan. Employment measures are included in original class and,
We respond to check domestic and foreign job offer information at any time.

School life

School life report

What kind of daily life is waiting if we go to school? We will peep into school life!


As we study Chinese in global environment that the above-mentioned foreign student in 70 countries learns, we can make friends with people of the world.


It is library of university pride before eyes of national language education and researches center. Book of approximately 55,000 is possessed in hall such as art museum.

Break time

A lot of space that is slow in site. Lunch can use cafe and dining room.

Circle, club activities

A lot of facilities which are excellent in university which is famous as strong school of sports. We can belong to circle and club activities, and the use (some pay) such as gyms is possible, too.

After school

Eating out is popular in Taiwan where stand culture developed. As there is night market around university, it is fun to go for meal with friend.

Student dormitory

Student dormitory where it is next to national language education and researches center to live a life. It is equipped with desk in twin room. As manager is resident student dormitory, even life in new foreign country is reliable.
※We can live alone in the school neighborhood.

Our school staff is full support in life!

Annoyance that is caused by all means when we live. We can talk with our school staff residing in the field in such a case. We are reliable in Taiwan to support for 24 hours!

There is the staff who can speak Japanese in university.
Please talk about trouble by class and student life with them.


Every direction is given to nature that Taiwan among the seas is rich and a variety of culture like Japan. Building, language, manners and customs, different culture including the eating habits fuse by area, and each place is filled with various charm. We cooperated with mutual development economically culturally and understood each other again and compromised with Japan and built relations to be considerate of partner. Recognition to Taiwan deepens more by everybody learning Chinese in Taiwan and hopes that it becomes driving force to more development very much.

Sightseeing station Taiwan Tourism Association Tokyo office in Taiwan

"你 enthusiast" (knee hao) Chinese is language that people more than world 1/4 use, and many foreign students learn from the world at this university. They teach fair Chinese called "standard language" by the teaching materials, instruction method only in national instructor University at this university, and any district can wear Chinese to be used regardless of dialect. In addition, by campus life except class, it should be opportunity to learn Taiwanese culture through many friends, teachers. You wear Chinese to be able to plan communication with world people by studying abroad to this university, and please do with preparations to future aim.

National Taiwan Normal University national language education and researches center

It is Taiwan aimlessly

We navigate recommended spot of Taipei!

A lot of interesting experience-based spot and delicious food, dessert are in Taipei with National Taiwan Normal University.
Our school staff went ahead of everybody and found recommendation!

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

1 Power spot on behalf of Taiwan is dragon Yamadera. Faith that a large number of people come when it is the weekend, and rooted in life is keenly aware of.
2 Alternating function of soldier must see unswerving loyalty small shrine which quiet, holy air flows through! We see march in perfect order and meet and are enough. As for the rumor that there are many good-looking guy soldiers.
3 Place where Japanophile often results in being surprised to come to Taiwan, and all the staff of sightseeing spot and restaurant are friendly at all.
4 101, Taipei is existence of Landmark of town. We can overlook town of Taipei at 101 stories above the ground from observation deck of loft.
5 Popular shop where "south town pride tea building" in *kagai can have Chinese tea in stylish shop.
6 "Enough" classic tourist attraction. Figure that big lantern which we wrote wish flies in the sky is magnificent. It is natural rich place that big waterfall flows through near.
7 Harajuku "Nishimoncho" of Taiwan is downtown of product for youths. We will go to "seimonchosusukika*" if we want to eat fruit snow cone.
8 "We flatter sect noodles flight" is Class B gourmet who wants to check. Soup stock that bonito is kind to thin noodles such as somen is gem which worked.
9 Colonnade where has high Taipei Station. It is big station which the Shinkansen goes along.
10 Medal type that ticket of train is round. It will prevent you from losing as it is small!
11 Seoul foods not to be able to take off xiaolongbao.
12 Night market where people of character market is proud of the Taipei's greatest scale. Pleasant place where stand links the eaves in miscellaneous goods and game corner, basement on the first floor.