Osaka map

Town where "Osaka" with thoraJAL is fun with convenience full of vigor!
We introduce popular gourmet and tourist attraction only in Osaka!

1. Osaka Station, Umeda

Umeda hottest now with West Japan's greatest terminal Osaka Station! Large attention spot where is full of "LUCUA Osaka" and charm including "Grand front desk Osaka" that we renewed in the summer of 2015.

2. Hanshin basement food building

Speaking of Class B gourmet of Umeda "grilled squid" and "mixed juice" of specialty of Hanshin Department Store basement food hall! We line up tempted by delicious smell carelessly.

3. Kyoto chabana

Osaka is okonomiyaki! How sometimes about such an oddball? On the airy dough flop tomato! Other than noted product "tomato preference," there is "avocado preference, too"♪

4. Patisserie mon Cher

Main store of that "Dojima roll" which became super famous now. Moist soft and fluffy dough and plentiful fresh cream are already unbearable!

5. Buran Julie TAKAGI

Baker who is recommended around thoraJAL. We buy for fragrant smell just just a lot!

6. Chicken Soba-za Bank

ThoraJAL student best recommended ramen restaurant. One article that upper feel of a material can taste with features soup of creamy taste that we deepen, and there is using Sakurajima chicken in popular chicken Soba! Recommendation shop which girl is easy to go to alone!

7. Komeda coffee

We are slightly glad that bean cake of discount comes when we order coffee. ThoraJAL is always full of school being opposite raw!

8. Ice dog

"Ancestor ice dog" which is quite popular in Amerikamura! Try "hiyaatsu" which sandwiched thick soft serve between crisp bread at high temperature new texture sweets by all means.

9. kureoru

Speaking of Osaka gourmet "takoyaki!" Above all, it was "kureoru" in Dotombori to have collected hot support of thoraJAL student.

10. Namba Hatch

To live venue, Namba Hatch where a lot of famous Aristrist does musicomania! It is near stylish fashion from town, Horie of interior♪

11. 551 Horai Head Office

When "there is not ... when there is 551, is familiar in CM of ~♪" in Kansai, 551 "steamed meat buns!" With burning hot steamed meat bun, we will try out malls of Minami.

12. Namba ground Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright

Speaking of Osaka, we cannot exclude comedy, too! Program full of New Comedy and comic dialogue, variety including rakugo is staged day after day.

13. Dharma

"Pork fried on a skewer Dharma" in new world can taste very deep Osaka! Sauce is put under ban of charge account twice! (laugh)


New Landmark of Osaka that started a business entirely in March, 2014! The 60th floor above the ground, the Japan's most expensive skyscraper of 300m in height. Department store and art museum, hotel are contained, too, and view from observation deck "HARUKAS 300" is the best!

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