Campus life of thoraJAL student

Campus life of full-time department straight Kota Okamoto

Railroad man trusted by mezasuhao kyakuyo!
We are studying towards dream every day.

Dream from the small time become the station staff.
It comes true and acquires much knowledge now to meet anything for customer.

Kota Okamoto
Full-time department Railway Service Course
We are from first academy High School
Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway

One of Kota Okamoto and a certain day

Getting up

6:10 getting up

We are very good at in the morning. We wake up suddenly and prepare.
But, in winter morning, we are slightly weak in…(laugh).

It is come to school

It is come at 9:45 to school

We go to school for two hours. Today is class in Building No. 1. As we joined classmate on the way, we attend school together!


10:00 class

Today's class "service assistance person." We learn guidance method of blind customer. As we have you blindfold and guide oneself, we can understand feeling of customer.

Lunch break

12:40 lunch break

Long-awaited lunch thyme. ... which delightful, and is delicious because we eat with classmate!

We go to our office to part-time job

We go to our office to part-time job at 16:10

The class end!
From this to Osaka Station of part-time job.

Part-time job

17:00 part-time job

We work part-time in apparel shop in the Osaka Station yard.
We try waiting on customers hard with smile today!

After the return

After the 23:30 return

Part-time job is over at 21:30, and again for two hours to home. Curry that we love today's dinner!

Going to bed

24:30 going to bed

Today 1st thank you. We will do our best again tomorrow!

Campus life of night school straight Hikaru Nagira

If "it is hosupi, oneself is changed!"
We do our best towards new group and dream at new place!

We want to try all the work concerning trip including conducting tour and counter!
It is finally dream to make travel plans that only I am good at.

Hikaru Nagira
Night school Travel Course
We are from Matsue agriculture and forestry high school (Shimane)

One of Hikaru Nagira and a certain day

Getting up

7:40 getting up

As it is weak in the morning, alarm clock is required!
We cook lunch while rubbing sleepy eyes.

We go to our office to training

We go to our office to training at 9:00

We change bicycle and train and go to company.

The training

The 10:00 training

IACE TRAVEL Co.,LTD. of training is the 29th floor of Umeda sky building how! Main work contents making of road map. We sit at PC while remembering customer.
Besides, the manager of training branch is graduate of thoraJAL! Very stouthearted.

It is come to school

It is come at 18:00 to school

Finish the training at 17:00, and from the office to the same school!
Well, we do our best today!


18:25 class

It is taught tour planning towards PC today. Though it is difficult, it is pleasant to make tour!

After school

21:00 after school

On day to eat rice for school return, and to come back….
Today is conveyor belt sushi together!

After the return

22:30 return

Important guitar which we got from mother!
We practice almost every day♪
We sometimes call with mother ♪ It is moment to be relieved.

Going to bed

24:00 going to bed

Let's try work hard tomorrow. Good night…