KEYWORD of thoraJAL student

We spend with friend with the same dream
Every day is the best!
We enjoy thoraJAL.

Future dream

It is to become driver of cool railroad which we longed for when it is small!

Koki Nakamura (koki)

  • Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka
  • Full-time department Railway Service Course
  • We are from Izumi High School (Osaka)

Class in new training room

Practice class in shiny railroad training room is fun! We are from the railroad industry, and, as for the class of Mr. Satoguchi of former driver, there are many experiences, too and is really studied.


Summer company training

In company training to nyureomawarudo! We worked without losing both heat and typhoon as the attraction staff. Senior of thoraJAL which worked in Kagawa what came to meet!


Hobby is camera

We love to take photograph. Let alone railroad, it is recent my boom we go to Kyoto, and to take clean scenery photograph.

Tell! Question of all!

Favorite place of thoraJAL?
When we study, we study well! When we play, we play well! We love place that change does properly.
Place that entered, and grew up?
It was shyness to high school, but it came to be talked by oneself by entering, and contacting teacher and student of various subjects!
Being doing the best most now?
Interview exercise for job hunting! We are still weak in interview, but we were able to know oneself new for self-analysis and wrestle forward.

1day Schedule

  • 07:00

    Getting up

  • 08:00

    School attendance

  • 10:00
    ... 12:40


  • 12:40


  • 13:30
    ... 16:10


  • 16:30

    We drop in with friend

  • 19:00


  • 20:00

    Long bath thyme

  • 24:00

    Going to bed

watashino household account book
Managing ... of ... money