School which resists employment

43,000 people ※Graduate plays an active part of this throughout the trade!

Opening of a school request of 1981, each school of travel journal school sent human resources who worked in sightseeing, the service industry out.
There is company that each person's effort and ability are recognized and want to adopt "thoraJAL student" by all means a lot.
Brand power which sen pie noticed greatly contributes to employment of younger student.

※The total of the number of the prospective employees until 2005 ~2016 age. Adding up with sister school.

Main workplace

  • 127 JTB groups
  • 175 Japan Airlines (JAL) groups
  • 164 All Nippon Airways (ANA) groups
  • 276 JR (JR) groups
  • CKTS34 name
  • 285 trip to Japan groups
  • remantoraberusabisu 32
  • enuoi 12
  • Three Hong Kong expresses
  • 70 Kinki Nippon Tourist groups
  • Six Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway
  • 27 Sanyo Electric Railway

By utmost support to each one, all the job applicants finally achieve employment.

99.4% of rate of employment! There is decisive factor for the high results!

99.4% of rate of employment! There is decisive factor for the high results!


Of one-to-one
We lead by fiery zeal instruction!

The type of job and company to hope for and aptitude are different individually. Therefore charge teacher performs personal interview with each student frequently and supports kindly until result that we can understand appears. We instruct by one-to-one until it is settled if there are hesitation and mistake.


Vocational guidance from industry
The staff leads!

In carrier support center (vocational counseling room), adviser from each sightseeing, service industry stands by anytime. He/she advises resume making and tendency and measures including art of interview that accepted company taking an entrance examination for the latest industry information that made full use of own experience and network to weapon thoroughly.


Employment measures class
We lead by job hunting event!

We carry out understanding about company and work, class and event to raise awareness to employment. We know person image which the latest information and the industry demand by company briefing session in visit to spot society and study of the industry. Expectation from company to student is high, too, and "employment examination is carried out in study, too".

Flow until employment decision