Qualification that we can acquire

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We get qualification to be useful for work!

Main qualification that we can acquire

Trip duties handling manager

Trip industry only national qualification. There are "domestic travel duties handling manager" and "general trip duties handling manager" who can handle domestic and foreign trips duties.

  • Travel Course

International aviation service freight handling person

International qualification to be used in 100 countries which indispensable knowledge is asked in handling international freight of the world. It is advantageous to employment to aviation industry.

  • Grand handling department


Test common throughout the world evaluating communicative competence by English with score to ten points - 990 points. It is must-have-item for overseas employment.

  • Airline Course
  • Grand handling department
  • English communication department

Service assistance person

Qualification to be able to learn waiting on customers to the elderly and physically disabled person, assistance technology. As for a lot of companies obliging to the acquisition after the entering a company to weapon of job hunting!

  • Railway Service Course

Business ability test job pass

We evaluate ability necessary for member of society, businessman with 1-3 grade. The second grade that practice power as careerist before one is authorized is indication of the acquisition.

  • All subjects

Trip duties itinerary management chief person

We conduct tour and measure knowledge and skill necessary for itinerary management and tour conductor waiting on customers. The constant training is necessary for examination.

  • Travel Course

Trip geography official approval

There are the country and two overseas examinations and authorizes knowledge about trip geography. We acquire knowledge of 2-3 grade level by normal class of Travel Course.

  • Travel Course

Amadeus system official approval

Qualification to authorize skill of reservations duties such as airmail, hotel, rent-a-car using latest travel reservation system "Amadeus."

  • Travel Course
  • Airline Course
  • Grand handling department

AXESS practical use official approval

We authorize ability for operation of system "AXESS" which can perform ticketing and reservation of airline ticket, vacant seat introduction. There is "domestic whole" "international reservation".

  • Travel Course
  • Airline Course

Secretary skill official approval

It is provided with basic ability such as manner and service, filing or rearranging of business card widely and is effective in feeding culture as member of society.

  • Airline Course

Practical English skill official approval

English official approval largest in the country told that approximately 2,500,000 people a year take an exam. It is detected widely in study abroad, society including company.

  • All subjects

Manner protocol official approval

We recognize skill as knowledge about manner and protocol (international courtesy). It is qualification to attract attention widely in the service industry including aviation industry.

  • All subjects

Service service business official approval

We authorize "heart and skill of hospitality" including understanding, language and the manner of mental attitude and customer truth for waiting on customers.

  • All subjects

Japanese word processor official approval

It is correct and, about operation of Japanese word processor, estimates ability for making of good document of appearance as operation speed with seven phases of the first grade from the fourth grade.

  • All subjects

Trade business official approval

It is official approval to measure which level includes ability for trade business, knowledge. We are equivalent to levels more than work experience 1-3 years in Class C of the minimum line.

  • Grand handling department

License acquisition scholarship

Target qualification that we acquired next for before entrance to school and one year has the points. 10pt (point) in total is the above, and 50,000 yen is reduced from the tuition of 2 annual.

8pt The TOEIC®900 point level, the Eiken first grade, interpreter guide person
7pt The TOEIC®850 point level
6pt The secretary skill official approval first grade, general trip duties handling manager, registered customs specialist
5pt The TOEIC®800 point level, the sightseeing Eiken first grade, trade business official approval associate Class A, the service service business official approval first grade, the Japanese word processor official approval first grade
4pt Domestic travel duties handling manager, international aviation service freight handling person, the trip geography official approval first grade, the secretary skill official approval second grade, the TOEIC®600 point level, the Eiken second grade, the information processing skill official approval first grade
3pt The business ability test job pass second grade, the TOEIC®500 point level, the Eiken associate second grade, the HRS official approval third grade, the AXESS practical use official approval second grade, trade business official approval Class C, the whole country sign language official approval fourth grade
2pt The business ability test job pass third grade, the TOEIC®400 point level, the Eiken third grade, the sign language skill official approval fifth grade, service assistance person, Hotel business business official approval basic second grade, the AXESS practical use official approval third grade, business telephone official approval Class A, the trip geography official approval fourth grade, the whole country sign language official approval fifth grade, the Amadeus system official approval beginner's class, the manner protocol official approval third grade
1pt The colloquial expression official approval third grade, lifesaving class, large special license, traction license