Privacy Policy

Site of hospitality tourism technical school Osaka to all of use

When services such as contents that we (educational foundation travel journal school) offer are used, all of you that our site is used shall be applied to "privacy policy" (personal information protection policy) of our site (site of educational foundation travel journal school). This privacy policy is not applied to site except our site, company, people again irrelevant to us.

About use purpose of personal information

When our site is looked at all of you using our site, we record information about IP address to be provided or page that we read as log (history) of server, but the purpose is limited to following three by browser.

(1) By constitution or design of page looked at, to be better for all of you in convenience.
(2) To offer information to be satisfied with by all of you.
(3) Because special events provide information about our school to all of you.

About management of personal information

We sell information that third party can identify individual about all of you who use our site and do not perform act renting. But we may contribute to following cases, third parties as exception.

(1) When, among one and us who use our site, there is agreement to share information.
(2) Case necessary to offer service that person who uses our site hopes for.
(3) When we achieve purpose that obtained consent to user.
(4) When disclosure of personal information is demanded by legal orders.

About revision to privacy policy

These official regulations may revise contents depending on establishment, revisions such as laws and ordinances concerned.

Inquiry about privacy policy

[reference] hospitality tourism technical school Osaka entrance to school counselor's office
[the enforcement date] April 1, 2014