Open campus

Need reservations

Campus open event that is the most important by selection of school.
You participate by all means, and find good place of thoraJAL!

The site

We see hospitality tourism technical school Osaka Building No. 3 traffic access


From 12:30 to 15:30

Meeting is 12:15

It is held soon!

  • Saturday, January 12

Annual schedule


  • Saturday, January 12
  • Saturday, January 26
  • Saturday, February 9
  • Saturday, February 23


  • Saturday, March 2
  • Sunday, March 10
  • Saturday, March 16

Open campus for high school 1.2 years students

  • Sunday, January 20
  • Sunday, February 17

We will be still in time even now!
We know quickly in time when school is short!

It is recommended toward the twelfth grader, another helping studies examination average! Mini-opening campus

Holding time from 10:00 to 18:00
(please let know time you like the day before by 18:00. Reservation impossibility on that day.) ※There is no experience-based class

  • Saturday, December 15
  • Saturday, December 22
  • Saturday, January 19
  • Sunday, January 27
  • Saturday, February 2
  • Sunday, February 3
  • Sunday, February 10
  • 2/11 Monday (holiday)
  • Saturday, February 16
  • Sunday, February 24)
Application for participation reservation from this

Of course we know work and the industry well at school! PROGRAM

Experience-based class

Experience-based class of main program. Industry experience-rich teacher tells with experiences clearly!


At first we introduce hosupi! Whole explanation

We tell about features of the whole school clearly. On the day it is check required that there are class contents and what kind of teacher as we perform introduction of teacher in charge of class!

Curriculum and features understand the circle! Subject explanation

We are divided into each subject desired and give a lecture on contents and features of curriculum! Do you listen to worth doing and ulla story of work of sightseeing, the service industry, too?

We ask a question more and more and dissolve uneasiness and trouble! Social gathering

Various advice is received by teacher and current students. Ask a question more and more if you may be interested. Because it is senior troubled with course in the same way, we can feel free to contact!

Protector briefing session to offer program toward the protector separately

We explain education policy and employment support, sightseeing, the bridal industry in object toward the protector in detail. Protector including school expenses and scholarship tells about curious information.

Let's know open campus with video! MOVIE

In open campus, let's experience class of hosupi!

Industry experience-rich teacher tells with experiences clearly!
We are reliable even if at a loss in subject because we can choose two classes!

Time schedule

Meeting, reception desk
The current students staff is meeting & guide!
Whole explanation
We introduce features of school clearly. We check experience-based class on the day here!
From 13:40 to 14:45
Experience-based class
Class of industry experience-rich teacher is taken!
Social gathering
We will ask teacher and current students a question more and more!
End, souvenir & seeing off
We present wonderful thoraJAL goods♪
15:30 ...
Various briefing sessions (applicant)
Individual consultation is OK, too! We will participate in curious program!

Special program after the end

Even if open campus is over, we offer program in particular in one to want to hear story still more. Wanting to hear more and chance when it is revealed that we want to know in detail! Person having time to spare is participation kudai by all means.

Visit to apartment tour
We observe two articles in approximately one hour. Person thinking of single life (is dissolved at JR Osaka Station), please participate.
Visit to apartment
Night school briefing session
We explain support system for class-style and independence entrance into a school of higher grade of night school, curious night school of everybody including the employment situation clearly.
Entrance examination briefing session
Entrance to school consultation adviser explains examination contents of various admissions and available system in detail.
Individual consultation
As for person who wants to talk slowly and carefully and the person whom we want to talk about trouble of course with, entrance to school consultation adviser gives each one advice. Please leave economical consultation!
Studying abroad briefing session
Teacher in charge of studying abroad and current student who experienced studying abroad explain expense that it costs for studying abroad or local life, campus life, activity.

Application for participation reservation from this