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Studying abroad briefing session

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Should we be able to speak English to go for studying abroad? What kind of life do you live in studying abroad? nado,
We dissolve all the questions about studying abroad!
We listen to story of studying in Taiwan to begin at the next year!

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We see hospitality tourism technical school Osaka Building No. 3 traffic access


From 11:00 to 12:30

Meeting is 10:45

Annual schedule


  • Saturday, January 26
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Of course we know work and the industry well at school! PROGRAM

We listen to true experience from studying abroad experienced person! Graduate & returning home straight panel talk

You are weak in English, and can you participate in studying abroad? Tell about homestay in detail! We are anxious about expense of studying abroad…Graduate & returning home life is true intention talk about nado, this and that to want to know to learn abroad!

We convey pleasure of studying abroad of magic! Studying abroad explanation

Studying abroad of magic of hosupi which oneself can grow up let alone English study, and can widen future possibility. We tell about the charm thoroughly.

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