AO admission briefing session

Need reservations

As for "AO admission" or the thing of other admissions beginning in June,
We listen to art of point and pass of entrance examination.

The site

We see hospitality tourism technical school Osaka Building No. 3 traffic access


From 11:00 to 12:30

Meeting is 10:45

Annual schedule


  • Sunday, June 24
  • Sunday, July 8
  • Saturday, July 21
  • Saturday, July 28
  • Sunday, August 5
Application for participation reservation from this

Of course we know work and the industry well at school! PROGRAM

It is confirmation shiyo nyushihohosetsumei well

We introduce entrance examination method of thoraJAL clearly. We introduce entry method of AO admission which starts in June in that in detail. As school expenses become reduced admission, participate by all means!

Chance economy support explanation that we can reduce still more

Besides, economic supports which are usable in conjunction with admission are varied. We introduce economic support and scholarship which use together with AO admission, and are usable. Even a little is recommended to person who wants to reduce school expenses.