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Hospitality festival
(school festival)

Need reservations

One of thoraJAL 2 great occasions "school festival."
Actually see; and campus life of thoraJAL,
Please enjoy pleasure, atmosphere of school.
Does participant have advantageous privilege?

※Transportation expenses assistance is excluded.

The site

We see hospitality tourism technical school Osaka Building No. 3 traffic access


From 11:00 to 15:30

It is free to do entrance and exit

The date

  • Saturday, December 1
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Of course we know work and the industry well at school! PROGRAM

Which are you wondering whether to go for? Unique refreshment stand and haunted house

Hospitality festival that current students make for current students. It begins for opening event and offers refreshment stand and haunted house every class. We are wondering which you see from! Which refreshment stand and attraction do you check?

Large serving rise! Stage event simultaneous holding

In hospitality hall, stage event is held at the same time, too! Class opposition game and dance, comic dialogue, recital with a musical instrument, various performances including band performance are shown, and, in the venue, it is since the last large prosperity as standing audience appears! We cannot miss this!

Application for participation reservation from this