Outing briefing session

Need reservations

Teachers of thoraJAL go to your town and hold briefing session!
We can receive AO interview in each venue!

The site

Each venue

※Please refer for detailed place, map of each venue.


From 13:15 to 16:00

Meeting is 13:00

Annual schedule

9/23 (Sunday/Holiday)

  • Kagoshima, Naha
Application for participation reservation from this

Of course we know work and the industry well at school! PROGRAM

Because is hometown, is town of reliable you; briefing session

It is relief without uneasiness to hear story at new place because teacher of thoraJAL holds briefing session in your town even if we do not come to Osaka. Including thing of curious night school and thing of economic support in house listen to story well! Goods to get only here present♪

You do not need to come to Osaka, and AO has a talk

We can receive interview of AO admission in outing briefing session. It is good not to go to Osaka expressly! Because we can challenge in local town, we are reliable!