Application guidebook

Substantial economic support only in thoraJAL. There are a lot of scholarships which are return what-free.
We reduce wide cloth of the tuition when we use system together! That is because it is not dream. Such a substantial economic support is checked here!

Offer condition

Offer subject, the offer staff

Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka

Subject Offer capacity
Noon At night
Sightseeing subject Travel Course 110 80
Airline Course
Grand handling department
Railway Service Course
English communication department

※As for the English communication department, long-term studying abroad system (the United States) becomes required.

About title of "specialized person"

Full-time department is given title of "specialized person" with "technical school graduation" when they complete predetermined course in this school, and night school becomes "technical school graduation".

About attending school commuter pass

Full-time department becomes application, but please note that night school does not become application.

To all of you that Railway Service Course is hoped for

In railroad-related company, there is physical inspection such as eyesight, hearing ability at the time of test for employment.
For more details, ask charge lecturer in open campuses.