Economic support system

Substantial economic support only in thoraJAL. There are a lot of scholarships which are return what-free.
We reduce wide cloth of the tuition when we use system together! That is because it is not dream. Such a substantial economic support is checked here!

School expenses support

Scholarship student system (selection system)

We reduce the tuition of 100-50,000 yen! 50 people have chance!

For excellent human resources expected achievement of in the future in sightseeing, the bridal industry, it is system to reduce up to 1 million yen from the tuition.

Selection method

On each "Admissions office system selection" "designated school recommendation admission" "public entrance examination selection" scholarship student system selection day, please take selective examination.

●It applies to full-time department, night school entrance to school applicant. We choose by written examination (something about everything) and interview examination.

We see selection schedule


■Full-time department

A scholarship student 1 million yen
B scholarship student 500,000 yen
C scholarship student 100,000 yen

■Night school

A scholarship student 500,000 yen
B scholarship student 250,000 yen
C scholarship student 50,000 yen

※We divide the amount of money mentioned above into twice of 2 annual in 1 annual and reduce taxes than the latter term tuition (excluded during studying abroad)

The number of the capacity

■Full-time department

The first, the second 30 people
The third - sixth Ten people
December, January, February, March selection Ten people
The total 50 people

※Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka, Osaka Bridal College, Osaka hotel technical school, Osaka theme park dance technical school are capacity that they put together.

Two times of scholarship student systems can challenge.

  • ※Selection result of scholarship student system has nothing to do with the results of admission.
  • ※Examination of scholarship student system can take an exam to twice. As we enclose entrance to school application for retake, at the time of selection result announcement, person desired, please file for retake (examination fee of retake is unnecessary).
  • ※Only person that examination of the first - fifth was taken an entrance examination for can do retake.
  • ※On retake possibility day, it is to the seventh admission.

We distribute collection of the past problems of scholarship student system by open campus, special event.

Reward card scholarship

Scholarship which everybody gets just to accumulate point!

"Reward card" feels point by doing course study, and various privileges are this received school's original systems.
According to point that we saved, we are reduced than the tuition as "reward card scholarship", and there are privileges such as interview examination exemptions, too.

Target person

Entrance to school applicant is available in 2019 of full-time department, night school.

※The use of card only as for the person. We cannot transfer loan to another person.

Privilege of reward card

By acquisition point number, there is the following privilege.

30 points


Full-time department: 30,000 yen

Night school: 15,000 yen

Interview examination exemption
(there is interview in one in hope of scholarship student system separately)
20 points Interview examination exemption
(there is interview in one in hope of scholarship student system separately)

※Point (for campus and special event next open for high school one or two years participation) acquired in 2015, 2016 is available.

Point addition item

Your "perseverance" leads to point!

1 Document request point
Person whom "entrance to school guide book" was requested from
※It is effective only in the first time
10 points
2 Entrance into a school of higher grade conference participation point
Person who participated in entrance into a school of higher grade conference
10 points
3 Visit to open campus, special event, school participation point
For visit to school and open campus, special event that this school hosts
Person who participated
※We give 20 points to participant except four prefectures of Kinki 2 prefectures
10 points

English qualification scholarship

English can reduce pride up to 200,000 yen from the tuition by qualification!

A part of the tuition is reduced system for one where predetermined English qualification that this school establishes was acquired.

Target person

It is applicant of "AO admission" or "designated school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents selection" in entrance to school applicants in 2019 of full-time department, night school.

Qualification standard

Standard Scholarship
More than practical English skill official approval second grade or TOEIC®500 point 200,000 yen
More than practical English skill official approval associate second grade or TOEIC®450 point 50,000 yen

※As for the entrance to school, privilege of scholarship becomes at half price to night school.

Application method

At the time of application You classify check into application column of entrance to school application, and please enclose copy of pass paper of acquisition qualification or score sheet in entrance to school application.
After the application Person that left note qualification is acquired newly, please send copy of pass paper of acquisition qualification or score sheet to the entrance to school secretariat by Sunday, March 31, 2019 (effective postmark on that day). We reduce than refund or the tuition about scholarship.

※Both cases mentioned above, please classify check into application column of entrance to school application. As you cannot accept application after application, please be careful.

Long-term studying abroad system scholarship

Long-term studying abroad is possible for school expenses 980,000 yen if we use this system!

It is system to reduce the tuition at the time of studying abroad 618,000 yen as "studying in long term system scholarship" (for 20 persons 100 United States, Taiwan) for citizen of the world upbringing that studying system is used in students containing for long term in cause, April, 2019 of this school that travel journal school aims at.

  • ※Please check in long-term studying abroad system column of entrance to school application.
  • ※Expense (travel costs, homestay costs) is necessary other than the school expenses separately.
  • ※The number of the capacity is number that merged both Tokyo Osaka schools.
We see long-term studying abroad system

CA employment reinforcement program scholarship (selection system)

We can attend curriculum of airline school by the double school system which we added to practice type education of this school Airline Course free!

Target person

2019 entrance to school applicant of full-time department Airline Course


Airline school tuition total amount exemption (the person bears text charges)
※"ANA airline school" cabin attendant basic advance course

The offer number of people

Around five people

Selection method

Applicant screening, interview
※We will tell about the details after the entrance to school.

This school's original scholarship, support system including family recommendation scholarship

There are various scholarships, support systems after not only before entrance to school but also the entrance to school. Please use.

Family recommendation scholarship

When parent, siblings are current students, graduates of this school, we exempt facility cost of equipment.

Full-time department

1 annual: 260,000 yen

2 annual: 260,000 yen

Night school

1 annual: 130,000 yen

2 annual: 130,000 yen

※The 2017 use results: 12 people

Okinawa, Amami group of islands entrance into a school of higher grade support scholarship It is support scholarship to one entered in Okinawa, Amami group of islands residents to this school.
We make 50,000 yen reduction (full-time department, night school) than the tuition.

Scholarship after entrance to school

License acquisition scholarship If acquire qualification that is entrance to school former and more than rule next for one year, from the tuition of 2 annual
Full-time department: 50,000 yen
Night school: We reduce 25,000 yen

Commendation system after entrance to school

TOEIC® commendation system We set aim TOEIC® score before studying abroad respectively and present commendation and book card to accomplisher.
※Long-term studying abroad system straight object

We realize large reduction using much economic support systems

Fujihira paren

Fujihira paren
Airline Course studying in the United States system (during studying abroad)
We are from Marugame west area of a castle High School (Kagawa)
[training] Hotel Granvia Osaka
[house] Bargain apartment
Grand apartment house of the Showa era

Nozomi that Tagami is the way goes

Nozomi that Tagami is the way goes
English communication department studying in the United States system
We are from Tamana technical high school (Kumamoto)
[training] Westin Hotel Osaka
[house] Company dormitory (Westin Hotel Osaka)