Economic support system

Substantial economic support only in thoraJAL. There are a lot of scholarships which are return what-free.
We reduce wide cloth of the tuition when we use system together! That is because it is not dream. Such a substantial economic support is checked here!

Various scholarships, school expenses loans, benefits

The first kind <no interest> The second kind <interest-bearing>
Scholastic ability standard Rating average of 2 high school last ka year more than 3.2 (attendance at school adoption) We are eligible with entrance examination pass
Monthly basis Life out of the home
30,000 yen,
53,000 yen

It is selected by this
30,000 yen
50,000 yen
80,000 yen
100,000 yen
120,000 yen

It is selected by this
Life out of the home
30,000 yen,
60,000 yen

It is selected by this
Interest No interest It is interest-free during interest-bearing (3% of upper limits) attendance at school

[reservation adoption] Application before entrance to school

Offer time: Please confirm at school at school.

"High school student"…
Please report to scholarship window of high school at school.
"Members of society"…
Please report to native place High School in entrance to school last year if you have not entered course specialized in university, junior college, special vocational school after high school graduation so far within two years.
※As there is reception desk period, please confirm in detail in native place high school.
"Degree authorization examination passer who is a graduate from high school"
 … Please propose to Japan Student Services Organization directly. TEL 03-6743 - 6037

[attendance at school adoption] Application after this school entrance to school

We carry out briefing session in the end of April.
※We distribute scholarship application application by briefing session.

Flow of procedure

Reservation adoption before entrance to school
※For more details, ask high school early

We are at school after the entrance to school and adopt (there is capacity)
※We can apply after the entrance to school

The 2017 results

Increase loan scholarship special at the time of entrance to school
(lump sum)
  • ●We are selected in conjunction with the first-class second kind scholarship.
  • ●It is system that can receive loan of lump sum at the time of the first transfer of loan monthly basis.
  • ●We can choose among 100,000 yen, 200,000 yen, 300,000 yen, 400,000 yen, 500,000 yen.
  • ●It is system for people who were not available though we applied to "school expenses loan of country" of Japanese system financing government finance company.
  • ●Grant (transfer) becomes after the entrance to school.

Japan Student Services Organization (payment type scholarship)

About payment type scholarship that Japan Student Services Organization carries out, please file for reservation adoption in high school to be registered at.

For more details, please confirm homepage of Japan Student Services Organization.

This school's original partner school expenses loan

Available one Application name protector (in pro-incarnation under 65 years old, one with steady job)
Contact Entrance to school secretariat TEL 06-6447-0051
Cooperative loan company Orient Corp.
Lawn amount of money Within school expenses (including school expenses studying abroad) than 100,000 yen of one year
Fee An annual rate of 4.0% of substance (as of December, 2017) ※There is change by economic situation about the rate of interest
Others There is step-up payment in installments method with a few burdens to pay only interest of the amount of use of lawn during attendance at school

4.0% of payment (example) real interest rates ※Step period in the case of one year

Use amount of money Return method Attendance at school mediocre social position dedicated tablet It is the amount of payment in installments after the graduation The number of times
1 million yen Normal payment in installments 12,000 yen / month 12,000 yen / month 98 times
Step-up payment in installments 3,333 yen / month 12,000 yen / month 122 times

※We can make payment only for interest rate during attendance at school. In this case principal and payment of interest rate become start after the graduation.

※It is rough estimate, and the above may be slightly different from real payment amount of money.

Use net total It is dedicated tablet for a minimum
It is lower than ... 500,000 more than 100,000 6,000 yen
Less than 500,000 super ... 1 million 12,000 yen
Less than 1 million super ... 1,500,000 18,000 yen

Other school expenses loans

Please consult with window of each following engine about the details directly.

← The following table can slide from side to side. →

Financing amount of money Return period The financing rate of interest Contact information
School expenses loan of country
Japanese system financing government finance company
Less than 3,500,000 yen Less than 15 years
Traffic-accident orphaned child home or
Father and son, family of mother and child is less than 18 years
1.81% a year
●School expenses loan call center
TEL 0570-008656
From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 soil from 9:00 to 17:00
(not available for Sunday/Holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays)
●Osaka Branch
Osaka consultation center TEL 06-6315-0301
From Monday to Friday (excluded on holiday) from 9:00 to 17:00
School expenses loan of workers' credit union
In the case of Kinki workers' credit union
(the public)
Less than 10 million yen
(other than union member less than 3 million yen)
Up to less than 20 years 2.00% a year
Fixation type ※There are guarantee charges separately
●Kinki workers' credit union
TEL 0120-191-968
Other nearest workers' credit union
"Entrance to school capital needs financing" ※Application is after November
In interval before increase loan scholarship being paid at the time of entrance to school in particular,
System that workers' credit union finances within the increase loan scholarship at the time of entrance to school in particular

The 2017 results

※About financing interest rate, it may fluctuate with economic situation.

Specialized practice education training benefit (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare benefit)

Country supports skill up of member of society (there is working experience)! We receive "benefit" and reduce school expenses!

When retired employee who was general person insured (incumbent) of unemployment insurance to meet constant condition or general person insured attended course of education training school which received designation of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare by self-pay, specialized practice education training payment system is system that supply of benefit is received about a part of expense (entrance fee or tuition) that suffered from education training by HelloWork.

The amount of payment

Up to 960,000 yen (return unnecessary)

Target subject

Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka: Full-time department all courses

Osaka Bridal College: Full-time department all courses

Target person

Full-time department student entering the target subject mentioned above
Which had member of society experience more than two years before entrance to school, and was unemployment insurance person insured

The first year The second year
Up to 320,000 yen
Up to 320,000 yen


When we find a job within one year

Up to 320,000 yen

Flow until supply

We participate in open campus and school in this school briefing session and confirm learning contents of subject desired

It is confirmed receipt qualification in HelloWork

We receive carrier consulting in HelloWork and receive job card

We submit job card, receipt qualification confirmation vote to HelloWork

We take an entrance examination for entrance examination of this school and pass

Practice education training benefit procedure (within one month before entrance to school) specialized in HelloWork

We pay benefit after the entrance to school for half a year from receipt start, HelloWork (in two years 640,000 yen)

We enter this school

When we find a job within one year after graduation, we pay additional benefit (320,000 yen)

This school graduation, employment

When we are employed as person insured, we pay additional benefit

The details about specialized practice education training, the details of HelloWork

We ask nearest HelloWork or please see homepage of HelloWork.