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  • To all of you of first grade at a high school, two years

To all of you of first grade at a high school, two years

Are all raw thinking about own course now for high school 1.2 years? We are afraid how all other are doing selection of course.
Check whether you decide entrance into a school of higher grade ahead by time when you have begun to think about course and what kind of flow.

When is time when we have begun to think about course?

High school student white paper

Than 2013 JS Corporation "high school student white paper"

We will see flow until entrance to school!

Second grader
Let's look for school which participates in open campus, and matched oneself in various schools!

From April to August

At first we participate in open campus!

At first let's participate in open campus! Particularly recommended one "open campus of summer vacation."
A lot of events that there are other big events in summer vacation, and even high school 1.2 years student can experience happily!
Let's start selection of course!

From September to December

Person wanting to hear story in detail is recommended at this time.

When as entrance examination of twelfth grader calms down, we go for visit to open campus and school,
It is easy to talk with a small number of people individually. School is recommended for winter of December, too!

From January to March

Let's participate in open campus of spring vacation by all means!

It is very important in deciding course at this time to become third grader just before that.
Because there is special event that can actually observe the industry in March, participate by all means.
It is still all right if we start from here!

Third grader
Time to finally select course as!

April, May

Let's push forward preparations for entrance into a school of higher grade!

Early reservation application for scholarship reception desk start!
Planned person going to school using scholarship will talk with teacher of high school and thoraJAL early.

From June to September

AO admission entry finally starts

Because it is the most important time, let's participate in open campus many times!
We can apply from August when designated unofficially in AO admission and can decide course early.

From October to December

Application start!

As we may reach capacity early depending on school, mega is too recommended to presentation of application!
Person whom we have not been able to finish selecting yet participates in open campus once again, and let's ascertain school.

From January to March

We are still in time!

Person whom course is not decided on yet is all right!
We participate in open campus, and let's be decided for the last time.