To teachers of high school

About entrance into a school of higher grade to hospitality tourism technical school Osaka, we guide information to be useful for people concerned with teachers, school in the high school having interest again in principal school.

We increase each person's "possibility" and bring up human resources becoming adaptable fighting potential.

Greetings from president

President Naoki Takada
Educational foundation travel journal school
Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka
Osaka Bridal College
Osaka hotel technical school
Osaka theme park dance technical school

We have we have trip, hotel theme park, aviation, railroad, the bridal industry interest and travel journal school be interested, and thank you.
It is meeting of people aiming at "making customer happy, and oneself becoming happy" in this industry. "It is no longer sincere tenaciously, and "it is unrewarded drudge, and even what kind of situation provides security to customer" which which coping "puts casual direction more than expectation" "provides any people regardless of age or sex, service best impartially" even if said that it is already good" which "we get and draw all of request up in heart of customer" from the "refreshing greetings" "to speak right Japanese" "dignified manner"…It is the world where "impression creation person" competes for ability as professional by expression such as "magician who makes customer smile" that begin after the graduation. We show own role to the maximum and live proudly. Our school plants this operation and readiness. The staff of a school becomes careerist model of student and learns with student and practices interest charge account education to increase each person's possibility. Therefore we do not neglect self-study, too. Many graduates shine throughout the trade, and figure contributing to is our pride. Please expect of travel journal school.

Travel journal school aims at "vocational education is number one in Japan".

Osaka recommendation industry-university co-operation connection course

In our school, it is chosen 10 course among all 38 courses to "industry-university co-operation connection course" of Osaka recommendation to publish "employment education is number one"!

The details are this

Course specialized in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology occupation practice

Hospitality tourism technical school Osaka and Osaka Bridal College were authorized by "course of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specialized in occupation practice".

The details are this

99.6% of rate of employment! We support with utmost employment support to each one until we grant dream!

The rate of employment

It is never limited to be able to find a job even if we graduate from university…In such times!

It is revealed that 58,000 students equal to 10.3% have neither entrance into a school of higher grade nor employment among approximately 560,000 people who graduated from university in March, 2015 by survey by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Soon almost "person or "NEET" who are not established even if want to find a job."

We are told that job hunting becomes difficult when we repeat age without beginning work and are data to tell about for university student how employment is serious. Such times, the rate of employment of travel journal school in March, 2017 99.6% (only as for the job applicant). Undecided two people received support after the graduation, and they achieved all the members employment in July as of March.


Of one-to-one
Fiery zeal instruction is decisive factor!

Aptitude to work and company is different individually. Therefore charge teacher performs personal interview frequently and supports kindly. We instruct by one-to-one until result that we can understand is given.


Of person from industry
Support is decisive factor!

In carrier support center (vocational guidance room), adviser from bridal industry stands by sightseeing. We advise art of industry information that made full use of experience and network and resume, interview.


Employment measures class
Job hunting event is decisive factor!

We carry out seminar to raise awareness to work and employment and learn "student image that the industry demands" by company briefing session in study. As for expectation from company to thoraJAL being high, and employment examination being carried out in study.

We recorded real employment examination
"Examination report" is treasure of thoraJAL.

We submit examination report to our school after the employment test examination, and fill out whenever successive students take an exam. The report is "treasure" supporting overwhelming percentage of graduates who found work of thoraJAL. Advice for thing and younger student including reflection point who are careful in the case of examination and detailed contents, examination of interview is filled in in detail, and seat can know real voice of student looking for a job.
There remains, and for is useful for success example of seniors who granted one hope called employment informal appointment as valuable data for the past ten years though we study tendency and measures of company hoping for employment.

Message introduction from teachers of high school

Normal course High School K teacher

School which can entrust you in peace

Graduate of principal school owes in night school. We receive the training at hotels, and which "work is fun" is reliable at all, and it feels to hear voice that which "it is for society study" tries hard to in front of where "practical contents can learn" from student going to school in the night in the daytime. Splendor of education of your school is felt surely by their state growing up while we live a busy life.
Your school is proud of the long history, and trust from local high school is warm and is school where there are many earnest, honest teachers, and there is image called school thinking about student carefully. It is one of the schools where we feel that they lead to course decision after graduation and can leave to in peace. We will expect further instruction from now on to arrive at course that student who graduated from principal school hopes for.

Normal course High School T teacher

There are many students who are pounding turnover for stable job low

Graduate owes. After asking teacher of your school about state of graduate, we can hear story if it is very excellent and is eager and are glad when we greatly grew up after high school attendance at school. When human being education, manner education was accomplished well in your school and visited before, we were surprised at what had you say hello from all the members of student who passed each other. Therefore it can nod that there are many students who are pounding turnover for stable job low.
We will expect instruction that can carry out human being education, manner education thoroughly from now on.


We crawl on A. Principal school is trip to thoraJAL hotel technical school got close to by nickname called thoraJAL before. We leave nickname called "thoraJAL" as school name and will be devoted to school which can have friendly feeling still more from now on.

About travel journal school

A opening campus, special event, visit to school, all experience-based events need reservations.
Apply for reservation from event application form of WEB site or toll free number (0120-550861).

Event reservation form

In the case of A interview, we may ask about absence reason. But it may not become unacceptable only by the reason of the absence days. In the days of high school student, even student that there was much absence finds certain aim in principal school and works hard at study. In admission, we focus on will that we want to learn with sense of purpose after the entrance to school.

We send "the designated school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents selection conduct point" and "designated school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents selection application" to designated school of A our university garden (hospitality tourism technical school Osaka, Osaka Bridal College, Osaka hotel technical school, Osaka theme park dance technical school) in June. Please see that about detailed procedure.

About designated school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents selection

About A entrance to school application, we are lucky in "application guidebook & economy support system" enclosing to entrance to school guide book. Please refer for one where "application guidebook & economy support system" was lost in toll free number (0120-550861).

About application guidebook

Student who returned home from studying abroad in A every year grows to TOEIC® an average of approximately 600 points stand. Because we can experience internship abroad, many students decide overseas employment every year.
※As for the English communication department, long-term studying abroad in the United States becomes required.

About American long-term studying abroad system

We carry out follow-up mainly on pronunciation that it is not easy to like by original class in our A school. In addition, it is our school naradehadesu that lecture to lead to employment including industry circumstances and inbound measures is taken.

About Taiwanese long-term studying abroad system

We have many inquiries in A every year and are doing every possible cooperation.
Please inform of request, inquiry in toll free number (0120-550861).
Main course contents are as follows.

Occupation understanding
  • Summary of tourism industry including hotel, aviation, railroad, theme park and the bridal industry
  • The type of job introduction mentioned above
  • The experience-based class mentioned above
  • Person from industry (active play, former job) lectures
Employment relations
  • Carrier vision (carrier guidance)
  • Manner, appearance course
  • Interview instruction
  • Making of self-analysis, desired motive
  • Hospitality upbringing program
  • School excursion manner course
  • Entrance into a school of higher grade expense lectures (school expenses, scholarship, various public support systems)