We make professional,
Five features

  1. Education environment to be able to learn with 1 Japanese student
    We perform not only class but also events such as athletic meet, school festival, the training trip with Japanese.
    In this way, interchange with Japanese deepens, too, and nature and Japanese ability improve.
  2. We support employment and entering further education in 2 Japan
    To date many foreign students realized employment to company in Japan and entering further education to university. The system supporting these "courses" is perfect. In addition, we can receive employment support after having graduated as well as attendance at school average.
  3. Reliable support in 3 aspects of living
    Problem and trouble may produce life in Japan from difference in words and culture, lifestyle. In addition, procedure for qualifications of visa and part-time job may be necessary. As the experienced "foreign student person in charge" supports you in such a case, we are reliable.
  4. We can acquire qualification of person specialized in 4
    The years required for graduation met requirements such as two years or more in technical school, and person of completion of student of our school is to be given title of specialty person. If there are any this specialty people, we can be admitted into junior.
  5. It is authorized as appropriate school by 5 Immigration Bureaus
    In the appropriate school, only educational institution where being on the register roll management for foreign student is carried out for appropriately is authorized. Our school is school where instruction and management to attendance and school-leaver were careful to.
  6. japan discovery