Alumnus society

Educational foundation travel journal school produced more than 40000 graduates since they founded a school in Tokyo in 1973. School which stood up from academy became "hospitality tourism technical school Osaka" "Osaka Bridal College" and four schools now in "hospitality tourism technical school" "Tokyo bridal technical school" Osaka in Tokyo.

Graduates, graduate and current students, the industry will provide place that can plan interchange while planning various places and interchange of graduate at the Osaka school alumnus society secretariat.

Main activity of the Osaka school alumnus society secretariat

The publication of bulletin

Through the annual bulletin publication, we tell graduates about the present condition and classmate information of school.

Support of class reunion

The secretariat supports for administration of "supporting sectional meeting" and "class reunion" as place deepening interchange and connection between graduates. Inquiry to the alumnus society secretariat.

Topic offer of graduate by Web

We upload event information held through Facebook and information of graduate playing an active part at home and abroad, information of good old teacher.

"ThoraJAL Osaka school graduate"
Facebook official page

Reemployment, job offer support

We deliver employment information through Facebook.

"ThoraJAL Osaka school graduate"
Facebook formula secrecy group
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Please contact the alumnus society secretariat if you have any questions.

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